newbies seeking a BFP!!!!!
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diem - September 6

Hey gals!
I'm just sitting here feeling sad, mad, and jealous. Last Friday DH and I went out to dinner with friends. My girlfriend and I both announced our pregnancy to that I'm not pregnant anymore how am I going to deal with this? What makes me mad is that she was not really sure she was ready to ttc. But her DH convinced her to. It really hurts when its easy for people to get pg and it's not for me. It's even harder when it's your friend. Hopefully it will only take a couple more months for us.....but that doesn't help how jealous I am. Jealousy sucks.! People who get pg easy that don't even care if it happens suck! Working as a guidance counselor and seeing pg teens SUCKS!!!!!!
When is it going to OUR (everyone on this forum's) turn?
Sometimes it's hard to stay positive. F it! I think I am just down cause DH is working 24 hour shift today and leaving for NY tomorrow. I already miss him and he's still in FL. grrrrrrrr. BFP SEEKERS MUST UNITE AND GET PG SOON!!!!!! (nothing like a little pressure huh?) Now that my family knows that I am ttcing they will probably be asking me every other day if I'm pg yet. I didn't want to tell them because of pressure....but obviously they know about the miscarriage so duh.


JerseyGirl - September 6

DIEM, you're on a rant huh? Vent, go ahead! It's what we're here for. Ya know, it just plain sucks. You're right! Things happen for a reason, and we just have to believe that our time will come. I can't answer why people who aren't TTC get pregnant anyway - that sucks most! I guess the old adage our parents told us is true, "Who says life is fair?" If I got a BFP though, I wouldn't tell anyone (other than immediate family) for 3 months for the very reason you stated. I'm not knocking you for making the decision to tell - I can only imagine how difficult it might've been to keep in (especially when someone tells you they're pregnant too!). Where in NY is your DH going? I live about 40 minutes outside New York City (in central New Jersey).


Lucky717 - September 6

Diem you and I are soooooo on the same page today. I am pissed off and jealous too of all the women out there that just get pg like that! They SUCK !!!!!! Today has been so hard to get through. My mood swings are horrendous. I think this whole process sucks and is so unromantic!!! Test after test, month after month, season after season. Hoping for our moment to learn the news we've all been yearning for. I am so depressed. I just don't know what else to do. I know you are too.

I am so glad you vented today. You need to. Being jealous is normal. My best friend is pg now and is having the easiest time with it. I want to scream! Why can't she have hemmroids, nausea and all the other things that go along with pregnancy. She's had the easiest pregnancy. Swear to God. It makes me want to vomit. You know why? Because I've been with my husband for 15 years, married 7 and always had this picture in my head of us having beautiful children and having a family.

When I was little and played house I always had a baby on my hip. I wish someone would have told me that sometimes babies aren't possible and that it's ok. I feel so freakin damaged because of this.

DH is going on Tues. for his Sperm Analysis. I am hoping AF comes soon so I can schedule my HSG. Anyone have longer cycles with Clomid?

Sorry for the crazy venting. I just feel like giving the world the bird today because I am so upset over things. Baby dust to all of you and I don't know what I'd do without this site.


diem - September 6

DH will be in Manhattan. We only told friends at dinner because I ALWAYS have a drink or two (even if I don't feel well) It was very obvious. At first I didn't even want to go to dinner because I KNEW it would come out. My friend is a very sweet person and I know that she won't rub it in my face or anything....but it doesn't help my jealousy. I haven't cried since Sunday at the ER. I think I'm due to shed some major tears. Just wish I could get the ball rolling. Sometimes I just want to wollow in my sadness. I guess I am more angry right now than sad. I'm sure it has a lot to do with my loss!


diem - September 6

Well, I just had a nice good cry on the phone with my mom. She ALWAYS makes things better. And you know what? We are always going to make things better for our precious ones as well. WE are going to be the BEST moms ever because WE will understand, empathize, and care for our children better than anyone else because we want it sooooo bad. WE are going to be AWESOME moms. I know it and you ladies know it as well. There is a reason why we are going through this struggle. It's because when it happens it is going to be everything we ever dreamed of and it'll be something that we appreciate sooo much. Our angels will be our life! What more could you ask for in a mom. The best moms have patience right? (although patience really sucks when ttc.... LOL) They are waiting for the right time to be born. (c'mon hurry up babies your mommies are ready!!!!!!)


diem - September 6

Jerseygirl, I just read on another post that your AF started today!!!!

I am sorry :(


diem - September 7

I think we need to start a new thread. However, I think we're past the newbie point. What do you think about................... To the BEST future moms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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