newbies seeking a BFP!!!!!
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diem - August 18

Hope you ladies found the new thread!!!!


newmommy - August 19

Found it! Thanks diem---it wasn't AF yet, just a BFN preg. test. I'll test again in a few days just in case, but I'm not feeling too hopeful. Stay cool this weekend without the a/c----yikes!


waiting-4-my-angle - August 19

Hey ladies! I am glad you started a new thread the other one was getting a little long. I hope every one is doing ok, I have been so busy and not being able to talk to you guys as much. So who is in the 2ww? AF is due Sunday, I am hoping and praying she don't show but she always does!!!!! Diem I can only imagine how hot it is in FL without air. Mine also broke this year and we live in NC and it was dreadfull. Well I am hoping someone gets a BFP this month. I will be praying fo every one and good luck ladies!! ***BABY DUST***


islandfever - August 19

Hello ladies =) I hope you dont mind me joining... I am 21yrs old and have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. I am on my first cycle of Clomid 50mg days 3-7. I am currently on CD20, and in the 2ww... I have a DRs appt on Monday to see if I O'd this month.. typically how long does it take for the results, or does that vary by DR? I wanna say around CD12-16 I was having cramps in my lower right side, so hopefully that means I O'd. Not too much bd'ing this month, only on CD 12 & CD15 because I am working an overnight shift from 11p-730a so if we wanna dance it has to be in a 20-25 min intervall between when he gets home and when my brother gets home...we all rent together =) Anyways, I will update you ladies whenever I hear anything from the DR....oh yeah...If I DID ovulate, when do you all reccommend testing? I am new to this, so please help!! Thanks ladies =)


Lucky717 - August 19

Hey girls! Thanks for starting a new thread. Diem - you are right lots of bding is on my calendar this week. newmommy thanks for the words of encouragement! My hubby and I wanted things to be right before we brought a child into this world and now here we are in the fertility issues boat. Oh least I have lots of wonderful and supportive women in it with me. =)

Char - thanks for the god luck wishes.

To Everyone: I have a Clomid question. I am sooooo bloated it seems. Has anyone else been super bloated from Clomid? I have a lot of tightness in my abdomen too. Anyone have hot flashes? Mine are wicked. I am on cd 12 so that means that I should O this week. My Dr. said to bd every other day from cd10 -cd20. I hope everyone is well. Lot of baby dust and luck to you all.


Lucky717 - August 19

Waiting-4-my-angle I also live in NC! Small world. =)


diem - August 19

HELLOOO ladies!
Just needed a place to bitch about the heat in my house! UGH. New air unit comes on Monday. I hope not having air is not affecting my temps. I believe I am 2 days past o. The 2ww is brutal.....exciting...nervwrecking....i keep telling myself that it didn't happen this month so I won't be disappointed when AF comes. Although we got some primo bedding in this month. I must say that DH is glad I'm in the 2ww 'cause he is a bit tired LOL!!!! the name! Are you an island girl? my dh is from Hawaii! I keep trying to convince him that we need to live there :) But it's just too expensive for us!
Waiting....its good to hear from you. I know you said AF is due Sunday. Please keep us informed. Hopefully you will be the first BFP and you can start a trend.

I hope everyone else finds us!

Lots of luck ******babydust to WAITING!!!!!******


tynadu - August 19

Hello All, Diem, sorry about the heat I am in GA so I know how you feel. Island, I am on cd19 and my eggs are still too small for me to "O" I have had 2 U/S this cyc. Did you have an U/S? If so what did your Dr. say about it? Waiting-4, I hope you get you BFP this month! Lucky7, YES I was bloated for about 6 days and the hot flashs, well I am still getting the at cd19. GOD Bless!


roxy01 - August 19

Hi everyone! Welcome to all the newbies! I'm still dealing with af. Not much to report. Lucky, I found the hot flashes were better if I took the tabs at night. Ovulation on slomid was definitely more noticeable -sharp stinging pain. But it's great to know for sure that you're ovulating when you feel that. Tynadu, sorry about o. Maybe next month will be better.. Will they change your dosage? Today is Sunday for me...waiting, I hope af doesn't show! All the best the tww torture!Hope everyone is well.


diem - August 19

Roxy where do you live? It is Saturday for me. I live in Orlando, FL USA

Where does everyone else live?


waiting-4-my-angle - August 20

Hey ladies, Diem thanks for all the baby dust an support. Well AF is due tomm. and I started spotting a little taday it has been light pink and only when I wipe. I guess AF is a knocking at the door. So how is every one else? Roxy how are you doing? Diem I know the 2ww is so hard I wish you nothing but luck!!! Lucky717 where ar in NC do you live? I live in Shelby! Well welcome to all the newbies and good luck to you all!! I guess I am going to make me a doc apt. I the next few weeks! Has any one hear of ovulex? I see that it has a good sucess rate. I am thinking about ordering it when I finish the FB.


waiting-4-my-angle - August 20

Hey ladies it is me again I just wanted to share this with you guys. This women at work has been ttc for 15 years and she is 40 now and just found out that she is preg. I could not imagine 15 years of BFN. That had to be so hard. This one lady was just joking and said if you have fertilty prob. you should come work here. We have had so many women were I work that have had problems ttc, but now they are all preg. well any way just wanted to share that with yall and I will talk to you ladies soon.
***********BABY DUST************


tynadu - August 20

Diem, I am in ATL, GA! Roxy, I still may get the chance to O this cyc. I eggs are just growing slow. I go back to get my 3rd U/S this Monday and we will see how big they have gotten. I use the opk, fern, and chart. Today I have some ferns and a light line, but a good one on my opk. I think I will O in the next 4-7 days! I will pray for the best. ***BAbyDust***


tynadu - August 20

Waiting, that was a funny story I would be kind of freaked out if I worked there.


Lucky717 - August 20

Hi Ladies! My hubby and I just watched the 40 Year Old Virgin. I needed a good laugh. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from all this and just chill. =) Waiting -4-my-angel - I live close to Raleigh. Glad to know I'm with lots of Southern Bells.
Good luck to all of you that are in the 2ww and those who are bding this weekend. Hang tough girls!!


diem - August 20

The 40 year old virgin is quite a funny movie!!!!
Well, the new AC unit is coming tomorrow...YAY!!! It will be in place before I get home from work. Thank GOODNESS!
I have been tired off and on today. Taking mini naps but it's been to hot! This is strange for me because I am NOT a nap person. It could be that I'm just catching up on sleep. I've had to wake at 5 am for work this past week after a nice long summer break. Hopefully this is a good sign. Fertilityfriend. com changed my o date. It changed from Thursday to Friday. SOOO I guess I'm only 2DPO. I hate when they change it. IT makes the 2ww seem longer. UGH. I am feeling very positive this month.
WAITING......did AF come??????


waiting-4-my-angle - August 20

Well lasies AF showed up this morning. I spotted all day yesterday which is wierd, but she found her way! Oh well maybe another month. So how is everybody else doing? diem are you in the 2ww? Well i am just so pissed about AF!!! Oh well I hope one of you that is in the 2ww will have a BFP. Sending****BABY DUST****



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