Newbie- starting IUI round 2 ----anyone else? CD 1
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Tink - August 30

new here, i've been looking for a good support board, this one seems very active and great!
my story:
I am michelle- 33 next week. Dh is 35 tomorrow. We have been off BC for 6 years (using absolutely nothing)- no 'accidents', so we figured we had a problem. actively trying the last 16 months or so.

started off with my gyno, did bbt charting and 4 months on 50mg clomid. i responded well, felt the terrible o pains and the U/S showed i was responding well. Dh did 2 SA, first one showed slighty off motility and morphology, but good count overall. second one the motility was fine, but the morphology was still slightly below avg, but not enough to not get us prego.

no luck in all that time. finally felt like my gyno wasn't doing well enough for me and saw an RE that my friend referred me to. one of the best in dallas. she did 3 IUIs with him, 2 worked (one ended in M/c) and is 3 months along now though.

GYno finally asked for an HSG/die test before i saw the RE. tubes are clear. she started me on oral progesterone. saw the RE last month, he is great. He gave us options- Hamster test, IUI with drugs, IUI with injectables, lap to see if i have endo, or IVF. we chose IUI with drugs. his diagnosis was could be many variables, possibly poor lining/not implanting, DH sperm not getting to egg or piercing it, possible endo etc.

So i did my first IUI last month. doc said perhaps decreased chance due to the gyno having me on the oral progesterone. i decided to chance it and try anyways. Did 100mg clomid days 3-7. did the multiple U/S thereafter, starting on CD 11. showed 7 follies! they kept growing to where i had 6 that were of good size (20mm-23mm). one was overgrown. i had some major o pain! follies were good, but lining wasn't quite there, so did some blue pills (forget the name) to increase it- next day, we are good to go. did the trigger shot on a thursday night and did the IUI on saturday am. Nurse could not find how to get the catheder in. for 20 minutes. she had never seen anything like it. finally found the entrance/hole to my cervix. could this be the problem all along? she said mine was the size of a pin hole, much smaller than most. finally got the sample in (which was a good one, high #s).

U/s the next day showed 4 of the 6 follies did release eggs/ovulate. so i had 4 possibilities. they gave me the progesterone suppositories. went on vacation to Disney World with DH during week 2 of the 2WW. Took it easy, hoping for the best, didn't drink! Well on day 30, i tested. BFN. I waited because i have such irregular cycles. (has been anywhere from 14 days to 35). So called the RE, stopped the progesterone and AF just came today (CD 33). it was weird not having my usual bad PMS symptoms for a week. they all came in one day instead. not fun.

so i go in tomorrow for another u/s to ensure we are clear and ready to start round 2. today is CD 1. AF only lasts 2-3 days and is light for me usually.

anyone else just starting their cycle? it was very disheartening that round 1 didn't take. my bday coming next week doesn't help either. plus my sister is delivering her second child in a few days. it is so disappointing. but i am hoping round 2 works. if not, i am going to do the lap.

thanks for listening!


JamieLynne - August 31

Hi Michelle - I understand where you are coming from. My dh and I have been ttc for 2 years now. Went to my gyno did the charting thing - found out I wasn't ovulating on my own. Did a round of clomid with her which didn't work - she then referred us to another doctor. Did several rounds of clomid with him - no monitoring with u/s or anything (I didn't know at the time but if I did I would have gone to someone else a long time ago). He then told us he couldn't help so we went to an RE in Feb. of this year. I really love the place we are going. We did two iuis with clomid and trigger shots. The second one ended in an early m/c. I just did my 3rd iui last Thurs. I am praying this one took. I have pcos and my dh has problems with morphology. However this round we just did was excellent. His numbers were 5 times better than our two previous iuis so we are hopeful. I also had to large follicles (27 and 30mm) - the biggest ones yet. I go for my bloodwork next Thursday.


DCL - September 5

Hi Tink,

I am 32 turning 33 in Oct. I had a similiar situation as you. I had my 1st IUI w/100 clomid last month but failed. I had good follies and dh had high number but got BFN!!! I am on Day 9 and currently being monitored w u/s and bloodwork. I hope it really works this month as this TTC is too much especially when it only took a few months last yr (ended in a miscarriage). I guess we are only a few days apart - let's stay in touch!! I need all the support I can get these days... Thanks!


Chas - September 18

Hi girls, I have been reading your posts, because I too am looking into IUI's. We have been ttc for almost two years now. I had a miscarriage in April and are anxiously wanting to get preg again soon. It's getting me really down and depressed. Dh has a low count, but I ovulate and everything on my own. His count was 13 million in Jan. He has not been tested since. I am hoping I can open his mind up to this IUI. He thinks we did it once, so we should be able to again. The more I read though, it doesn't seem like the IUI's are that successful. I know I would probably be expecting it to work the first try. I haven't looked into the cost yet either. Do you mind me asking how much ? I know IVF is really expensive but the IUI are less? Thank you for listening and I wish you all the luck in the world!


lucy206 - September 19

Hi Ladies. I've been looking through the forums and was glad to see this posting. I too will be starting IUI this month. Right now I'm taking clomid and on the 26th I'll go in to check my bloodwork and ultrasound - I probably will be giving myself the shot the 27th or 28th (just from the past times) and that would mean the 29th or 30th I will have my iui. My DH and I have been trying since Feb 2005. In may I went to a fertility clinic to start finding answers. We actually got pregnant - but 5 weeks into it I miscarried. So since July we have been doing the clomid, trigger shot and trying "natural". After discussing with my DH we agreed that this month we would move on to the next step IUI.
I'm a little nervous - but at the same time hoping that this will help us.
Take care


Tink - September 20

Well thanks for replying- i am now on CD 22. I get to test in a week basically. still in my 2WW. the IUI went well- i had 7 follies, 4 of them ovulated, so we have 4 eggs. just the same as last month. my body responds very well to the clomid, i only had 50mg this time. We did the IUI on 9/12. DH did the trigger shot for me again. i did bloodwork yesterday and my progesterone was good, so i don't have to take those pills/suppositories this time around.

i really hope it worked this time.

CHAS- the cost for me is about $700 each month. My U/S are covered by insurance because my RE submits them under something else (PCOS or something). the IUI itself was $425 out of pocket last month and $395 this month. in addition- the trigger shot was $65 and the clomid was $30, plus the multiple $25 copays for all the U/S and visits. so it adds up to almost $700 a month- out of my pocket. I hear IVFs are in the $15k-$20k range.

Jaime Lynn- are you still in the 2WW, any news yet?


Chas - September 20

Thank you Tink for your reply about the cost. I appreciate it, and I wish you all the luck and baby dust in the world !! GOOD LUCK ~~~~~


HeatherP - September 20

Hello all! Hi Tink! I am also from the Dallas area. I am 35 and DH is 32. We have been ttc#1 for over a year. This is my 4th month seeing an RE. I had 3 failed months with Clomid and IUI and just had my first month of Injectibles and IUI. I am 2dpo and praying this month goes well. I have a thin lining and DH has low sperm count. I had 2 early miscarriages last year so I am getting frustrated that I could get pregnant on my own and that the last few IUI's are not working. I spent about $500 for each of the Clomid/IU cycles and about $2,200 for the injectibles/IUI cycle. Yikes!! Here's hoping we all get our BFP's this month. Good luck to everyone!


Tink - September 20

hi Heather- i live in plano to be exact, what about you? i am 33 and dh is 35 (we both just had birthdays).

so you did get pregnant on your own although ended in m/c. do they know why?

did you ovulate and produce good follicles on the clomid for the IUIs? i haven't thought about the injectibles yet- they are so expensive! you know all too well. and i react well to the clomid and almost over-stimulate in fact, so i don't if injectables would make a difference for me.

here's wishing you lots of baby dust! 6 days til i test! what about you?


HeatherP - September 21

Tink - I work in Addison and live in Coppell. Do you see your OBGYN or do you have an RE? It sounds like you are responding extremely well to the Clomid! That is awesome and a great sign! Regarding IUI's: I too have had the same problem with the catheder! They said IUI is painless but they didn't mention the catheder insertion is a whole different story! YIKES!! Yes, I have gotten pregnant on my own so that is the good news. I know it is just a matter of timing, but I am just so impatient! They don't know why I had the 2 m/c's. Here is what my RE told me: 40%-50% of all pregnancies end in m/c. It's just that girls that are TTC are much more aware of their bodies and are testing so early that the hormone is detected. Most girls that aren't TTC just think they are having a late, heavy period when they m/c. He said most girls m/c at least once in their lifetime. Yeah, the injectibles are very expensive! I reacted well with the Clomid and produced good follies but it was having a negative impact on my uterine lining and CM. I am only 3dpo today so I am in the agonizing 2WW! Waiting is the hardest part of the cycle for me.
Chas/Lucy - Good luck to you both! Let us know if you have any questions on IUI.
Here's hoping we all get BFP's and sticky babies soon!!


HeatherP - September 25

Morning all! Hope everyone is doing well. I am still in the agonizing 2WW! I am 7dpo and praying hard for a BFP this cycle. If this cycle doesn't work, I am looking into trying IVF next go around. Where is everyone in their cycle? Wishing everyone lots of baby dust!!!


DCL - September 25

HI Ladies,

My AF came on Friday afternoon a few days earlier than the last few months. I knew before my bloodwork results. My DH has been a little sadder than usual. There are just too many friends that are having babies at the same time and we are still waiting for just 1. Now we are waiting to see if it is ok to go for round 3 IUI w/ clomid. I went for my 1st u/s this am and it looked like I had some remaining follicles from last month. If IUI fails this 3rd time, I think I am going the injectibles route. We live in Massachusetts and our fertility coverage I hear is pretty good. We will have to wait and see!!! I wish all of us all best this upcoming month!


HeatherP - September 25

DCL - I am so sorry to hear that. I know my DH is having a harder time every time I get a BFN or start AF. I know they feel bad that there is nothing they can do to make this happen faster for us. I just switched over to the injectibles this cycle and got much better follicle #'s and size. I hope you have good luck for round 3! Stay in touch and let me know how you come out this month. Sending lots of baby dust your way!



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