new to this forum...just wanted to chat.
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amy - August 26

hi ladies! i have been on the signs of pregnancy forum for some time, but now i feel like my ttc complications have gotten worse. i know that i am ok as far as being able to correct my situation, but i am still at a loss, and pretty aggravated. i have gotten my lab results from all of my blood work, and it seems that my progesterone is borderline, and then after having the hsg it looks like my left tube is clamped right where it meets the uterus. i am concerned, because now i have to undergo another procedure (lapscoptic or whatever...i dont know how to say it or spell it obviously lol), on the 6th of october, because they cant get me in until then. so anyways, now i am pretty much at a loss about what i should do as far as trying is concerned, do i continue the way that we were before, and hope that i just get pregnant, or do i wait and see what is going on before they prescribe me the clomid...because my doctor wont prescribe it now until we do this other thing on the 6th. i have been going through this trying for only 6 months...after having 2 miscarriages, and i am really tired of all the waiting for the tests results. i know that i might seem like i am complaining, but i truly wasnt expecting this outcome. does anyone have any insight on borderline progesterone, and one tube being blocked...any thoughts would be great. good luck to us all! i wish us all the best.


To Amy - August 26

I have had a laporoscopy also - but nothing particular was found. But unless I am mistaken, if you have had 2 mc, then obviously you can actually get pregnant - so i would keep trying this/next month until the lap - can't hurt can it. Or, if you feel like it, just take a break, take the pressure off - and wait and see what comes from the results....(ps, friend of mine got pregnant with blocked tubes - was told the only way she would ever get pregnant was to do IVF. So she went to a naturopath, didn't have protection with dh as she thought there was no point - and boom - pregnant -without IVF)


Alycia - August 26

Amy - my aunt has low progesterone, and she has had two miscarriages recently. Apparently, progesterone is necessary not to GET pregnant, but it's necessary to hang on to the baby. Now that they know about the hormone problem, the will be giving her progesterone the next time so she can hang on to the baby - maybe they can do this for you too. Good luck.


KellyN - August 26

Hi Amy!! Glad to have you here with us! I have low progesterone too because of my pcos. That is a very easy problem to solve. My doc prescribed me prometrium, a progesterone supplement. I take it once a day after ovulation to build up the uterus and promote implantation. Some docs also prescribe suppositories, and I've seen adds for progesterone cream. If you have had to m/c sounds like your tube blockage is not a big issue as far as getting pg, you just need to concentrate on making it stick. You may want to talk to your doc about a prescription for a progesterone supplement.


hi ladies...amy - September 2

hi, just wanted to thank you all for your responses...sorry it has taken me so long to respond back lol...things are a little hectic right now...anyways, kelly...i am going to start clomid...but i think that now i have to wait until the ls is done...i might talk to my doc though about making that sort of a later thing if at all possible, like maybe after i try two cycles of clomid, but i am not sure...if he thinks the procedure is the best route, then i guess i just need to trust his judgement. i am stongly thinking though of talking to my doc about doing something about my progesterone levels...but does clomid help with that? again thank you for your response, i look forward to more information from you ladies! take care, and good luck!


amy - September 4

just bumping this :o)



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