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candi - June 23

Im new to this lingo can someone explain to me what af is?


KT - June 23

Hi Candy,
I copied this for you from a string specifically on the abbreviations commonly used:
OPK=Ovulation Predictor Kit, AF=Aunt Flo (aka your period), TTC=Trying To Conceive, DH=Dear Husband, BFN=Big Fat Negative, BFP=Big Fat Positive, LMP=Last Menstral Period, DPO=Days Past Ovulation, HPT=Home Pregnancy Test, M/C=Miscarriage, BD=Baby Dance (Sex), CM=Cervical Mucus, M/S=Morning Sickness, U/S=Ultra Sound, HCG=Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (aka the pregnancy hormone), B/C=Because, LOL=Laughing Out Loud, EWCM=Egg White Cervical Mucus, G/L=Good Luck, J/K=Just Kidding, CD=Cycle Day, O=Ovulation, B/F=Boyfriend, UTI=Urinary Tract Infection, IB=Implantation Bleeding, BBS=Boobs, BC=Birth Control, FMU=First Morning Urine, EPT=Early Pregnancy Test, IVF=In Vitro Fertilization, LMAO=Laughing My A** Off, MIL=Mother In Law, DD=Dear Daughter, DS=Dear Son


candi - June 24

thanks for the help :)


Lena - June 25

One more: IUI=Intra Uterine Insemination



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