New to Clomid and Prometrium, anyone else????
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Julie - August 2

I was just prescribed 12 days of Prometrium and 50 mg of Clomid on cd 3-7, then need to go for a progesterone test on cd 21. Anyone else doing something similar? I'm gonna start tomorrow with the Prometrium. My last period started on June 11. My Dr. thinks I may not be ovulating regularly. My question is, what if I start taking these tomorrow and by some chance I get my AF in the next day or two? Do I continue with the game plan like he prescribed??



KellyN - August 4

This is my first month with these also. I took clomid cd 5-9, I started my protesterone last friday, cd 15. I am going in to the dr today for blood test (cd 21). I did not get my af, but I sure feel like I should be getting it any day now - very bloated and crampy with these meds. I also had hcg injection on cd 13. I think that may be giving me feeling of pregnancy. I even tested +++ on hpt yesterday, but I think it is all the meds not necessarily pg yet. Good luck!!! -kelly


CJ - August 4

I had two times while taking the Prometrium when AF came before I was done taking it. Doc told me to just finish it. But I wasn't taking Clomid at the time so I don't know about that. I would check with doc if this happens. Most of the time I didn't start AF until after the Prometrium. I am on CD 16 after my first round of Clomid 50 mg CD3-7. I also took Prometrium this cycle before starting the Clomid and AF did not start until about 3 days after last Prometrium pill. I don't know if I O'd yet. OPK's are all neg. but CM looks fertile so who knows?! I also have to go in on CD21 for blood test. Good luck to you!



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