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Mega - March 22

I'm sorry about the + OPK result. that is a let down. Still, I think you should ravage your DH as soon as he gets home tomorrow, b/c I still think based on something I read yesterday that you still can catch that eggie. I believe that you O anytime from 24 to 48 hrs AFTER you 1st get a + reading on your OPK. Plus I think the OPK is supposed to find your most fertile 2 day window. It might be tougher this cycle, but I don't think you're out by any means. Good luck! Have a good night (despite the dissapointing + OPK). Enjoy your Chinese dinner. Yummy!


Mega - March 22

Right as you posted that 2nd msg. I was posting the one about Oing 24 to 48 hrs later. Our posts crossed I guess. I really don't think it'll be too late. There's still some hope. And don't forget the egg still lives for 24 hrs, so assuming you O tomorrow PM, DH gets home at 10 PM, right? There's still a window of opportunity for that eggie to get fertilitzed. Here's hoping it works out that way!!!


cw - March 22

i hope that you are right. i just called him to see if he could come home early!! he said "no" sometimes i cant stand hopefully i will not O for another 48 hours and that would still be good timing. but at least i still have the preseed to try and i can always order more. i guess now the focus is on you and your 2ww!!!!



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