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blondie - July 30

Has anyone had success with this? I have just ordered a 6 month supply and was wondering how it is working for others?


Krystle - July 30

I have been taking ovulex for 2 months. (closer to 3 months because I got more in my bottles than 60 pills) I am just about ready to start my 3rd bottle. I too bought a 6 bottles. So far it has done wonders for regulating my cycle. My cycles were very irregular before I started taking it. I am seeing a lot of women that had "normal" cycles before they started using it and I now running into problems with their cycles. I bought ovusoft and have been using that to chart. I like it a lot better than fertility friend. I have had 3 cycles since starting ovulex and have ovulated all 3 times. Even though I am not pregnant yet, just being able to ovulate on my own has been well worth the money. Do you have any fertility issues?


blondie - July 31

have been ttc for almost 2 years now, and nothing is working for us, unexplained infertility is the responses we got from doctors. I am really hoping this may help us but the more I read I too and hearing alot of mixed things about this stuff.



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