NEW on follicule monitoring ... what to expect ?
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andy - June 9

hi ... I'm 23 , have been TTC for 8 months , 1 miscarriage , and now NOT OVULATING ... I´m currently on CD24 and on CD2 will begin follicule monitoring , my obgyn told me that we will start some meds , some shots and this monitoring , but really don´t know how it works ... What do they look for in this monitoring ??? ... Thanks for your words


patrizia - June 9

hey andy i am going to start the same thing next months--with the shots and monitoring -i am not exactly sure how it works. the only thing i knew is that tommorow i have to go for a whole bunch of blood tests and a post coital test, which i hate and just had it done in febuary . hopeful someone will be able to tell us what to expect. i have the same problem. i am not ovulating !


andy - June 9

hi patrizia ... it seems we are on the exact same boat , hopefully someone that has gone through this can explain us what to expect and if someone has gotten pg ??? : )


cmelissa - June 9

Hey Andy and Patrizia,
I did injections for 2 cycles and was on repronex - my cycles are irregular too and not always ovulating. I'm currently taking a break for 2 cycles b/c my ovaries were still a little swollen from last cycle. Basically what to expect - when you 1st go in they usually do all the blood work and check your ovaries thru u/s to make sure you are ready to start this cycle. I took injections, then trigger shot for ovualtion, 2 back to back IUI's after I ovulated, then continued taking progesterone after the IUI's. Hopefully your work is flexible b/c they have to monitor you closely and do u/s almost every other day to check your follicle size. I was giving myself the shots in my tummy - sounds painful but you get used to it!! Good luck ladies!! Hope this somewhat helps!! I'm trying natural way this month and next :) ANyways for you they will check your follicle size until they are mature enough and then probably give you the trigger shot for ovulation or let you try naturally once given the shot! :)


andy - June 9

thanks cmelissa... I hope this really works and quickly ... I didn´t like the part in which I had to inject myself : ( Thanks for your post ... Hope everything works for you very Very soon ... Do this injections and things give you side effects ???


cmelissa - June 10

Hi Andy, I think the meds give you sore boobs and cramping so it makes you have pregnancy symptoms!!! Good luck ladies!!


andy - June 10

thanks !!!!



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