New on Clomid, need some input!
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hballen - May 15

I started my first series of Clomid last Monday (8th) and finished on Friday, this morning I have been sick to my stomach is this normal? I am new at this forum so not sure of the lingo, bare with me.


Ann1 - May 15

hballen, yes, this is normal. I had the same problem with clomid. I started taking it at night right before bed, and that fixed the problem. Good luck!


hballen - May 15

Thank You! How many days after your last pill did you O? I'm on the Clearblue Monitor and getting anxious.


mommy2josh - May 15

Hi hballen. Unfortunately side effects like these are common. Just brave it out hon. Also you should ovulate 5 to 9 days after you take your last pill. My first and second cycles of clomid days 5-9, I ovulated on days 17 & 18. Second round resulted in pregnancy which ended at 6 weeks. My last 2 cycles on clomid I didn't ovulate at all and I dont think I will go back. I hope it work for you. Baby dust.


Tracy88 - May 15

I also took it a night and it helped with all the side effects. When I was on my third cycle (a higher dose) I felt a little nauseous while in bed, but just breathed in deeply and tried to ignore it then fell back to sleep. I ovulated on cd15 or 16 while on clomid, so you could say I ovulated about 6 or 7 days after my last pill. Good luck! Keep us posted on how you are feeling. You may have some pregnancy symptoms after you ovulate, so if you want to write and ask about them please do.


Ann1 - May 16

hballen, I usually Oed a little earlier than cd14 on clomid. One time I triggered on cd10--that was the earliest. I O on my own, so it just seemed like a regular cycle. I took the clomid on cd3-7. What days did you take it? Hopefully you will get a BFP and won't have to worry about clomid anymore!


Ingoditrust - May 16

This is my 2nd round clomid 100 mg from 50 mg and I feel nauseous, have mild headaches and mood swings. So, your symtoms are normal unfortuately.


HeatherP - May 16

I am on my second round of Clomid - 50 mg. and yes what you are feeling is normal. I had hot flashes, nausea, mild blurred vision and mood swings. I also take it at night. Good luck and baby dust to everyone!


hballen - May 17

THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPFUL INPUT! It has been a frustrating process as you all know very well. I O this morning so have my fingers crossed that it works, I am scheduled to have a vag. US on the 2nd to see if my Ovaries are OK, but praying we see an embyro instead! Luck and prayers to all of you I truely understand how emotional this is!



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