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isa - October 19

Toni I'd be thrilled with a healthy baby with all its parts. I'm so happy for you and I think this is a great new thread to use.


Lee - October 19

Toni (use this, but remember they are talking about IVF in a lot of cases.
Awesome. Not high, just perfect, probably not twins (but how cool would that be?). Mine was IVF, so it is always higher, but I was 341. They say 48 average and 119 is on the high end. You are in great shape!! Yeah! GO GO GO I am so excited. When do you get the next one?


isa - October 19

Hi just checking in. Just took last clomid and first shot in tummy. I forgot how they hurt and actually this time I bled when I took the needle out. How's everyone else doing?


Lee - October 19

Hey Isa, do you ever give your tummy a little pinch or slap right before you inject? I remember that dulled the shot a little. Sorry you have to go through this, but it will be so worth it!


Lee - October 19

Toni, this is so weird, but I keep looking at the title of the thread and I am getting the sense that I should name my child Hope. I don't know why, but I just have this gut feeling.


isa - October 19

Hi Lee, no I havent heard of that, i will try to remember that for tomorrows shot. I'll try anything. Its actually starting to do that itch thing again. Did you get that? The doc made me go on benadryl last month for a few days and creme for the itch too. Yes it will be worth it. Hope would be a nice name for your new little girl She has certainly given you a lot of that and enough to pass through to us. If you dh likes it I think you have a winner.


Toni - October 19

Lee, I think Hope is a beautiful name. So go for it! Have you asked your dh if he likes it? My next test is Friday morning. I feel good about my numbers. The dh is nervous, he wants to know Friday's numbers now and wants to get past the 1st trimester. We were just talking about when we would tell people. I am thinking friends etc around week 12. Later for work. Isa, I had to pinch and hold my stomach when I gave myself the shot (trigger shot). But maybe your needle is bigger?


For Amy - October 20



Toni - October 20

Thanks Becca! Thanks Amy! Hope you guys found it. Becca, this was my first IUI. What is your status right now?


Becca - October 20

Hey Edy- Is this same Edy that was on the post with Alycia, Amy K, Stef and Clara! You have'nt posted there for a while but I am doing IUI again too If I am not pg this month. My dh got a large bonus that made it so I could do it for a few more months. Toni- I am so excited for you. You give me so much hope. I asked this on the old thread but will ask again- what # IUI was this for you? Lee- How are your adoption papers coming? I know you will make a wonderful home for a child who desperately needs one. BABY DUST TO ALL!


Becca - October 20

Toni- looks like you posted when I was reading the posts on here. Becuase of my not sure test last month I was not able to do meds this month so I am hoping I ovulate on my own and that I get pg but if not, next month it is back to IUI. I hope to get a BFP before Christmas because that would be the perfect present for mine and dh's parents.


Lee - October 20

Hey Becca:
This was my first and last IUI. It was IVF and it was converted over due to low stim results. I have one dd from ivf 4 years back. So, we are moving on, but I am right here for all you Mom's to be! Toni, I have not mentioned Hope to DH, all in good time. The paperwork is overwhelming, my head is spinning. Toni, see if your doc will let you come in on Tuesday for one more beta. That way you can be certain it is continuing to double (in that case-4days so quadruple) it will be better for you than waiting till week six. If you are at 163 then you should be at 1300 (or could be way more) by Tuesday so you will likely see your yolk sac (and maybe your heartbeat) on that first u/s. Lucky you!


Tonya - October 20

Hey everyone, I love the name of the new thread....Toni, I'm so happy for you...your numbers sound great!! My ds is doing a bit better...the medicine the Dr. prescribed for him is a bit strong and he had some trouble keeping it down, but now he's better. I hope everyone is doing well...I will touch base with you all tomorrow....Babydust****


ali - October 20

toni, i wrote earlier but it doesn't look like it posted. i was excited to hear about your beta results..your #'s are great! i go for my next test in the morning and should have my results after lunch tomorrow! lee, i love the name is beautiful and i love what it stands for. what is your dd's name? i am thinking of grace for this one if it is a girl..we thought about using it last time but didn't. amy, how are you doing? only a few days left!


AmyR - October 20

FINALLY I FOUND YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!! It was hard though... I entered NEW HOPE in the search box and that usually brings me to whatever I've typed. Anyway I'm here.... Are we staying here?? My temp seems to be dropping, and my boobs are not as sore anymore?? I guess we'll know on Sat. I'm dying to test, but not as much as my first IUI, or 2nd ,or 3rd... I can wait this time.. Lee-- what a perfect name for your daughter I love it. Toni--- how are you feeling today?


Lee - October 20

Good morning ladies. I HOPE that everyone is feeling positive and that you all have wonderful days.



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