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Becca - December 10

Toni- I hope you are doing better. What a scare! Edy- I am so excited for you! Let us know when you get the official count. Bethany- I am wondering the same thing so let me know when you get an answer.


Becky - December 10

Hello ladies.. My post for my answer has changed anyone else. I like to take warm baths does that matter. Becca how is your cold.. Toni how are you doing today.. Lee you always make me smile... Wonder how Edy is doing.. Bethany what fertility drugs did you use. Sorry if I already asked..Hows everyone else.. Hope everyone has a great weekend.. Baby dust to all....


isa - December 10

Hi guys no news hear. cd 27 and dying for af to come. Dh has been sick the past couple days so I just hope I dont catch it from him.


LSB - December 10

Hello everyone! As predictied my AF showed up today! That's ok though, at least I have a very regular cycle. Due to the holidays we are going to try "naturally" this month. As always, I hope everyone else is doing ok too!


Toni - December 10

Guys I think it's time for new thread! I will see if I can find any answers on the heat question. I know hot tubs aren't good for ttc and then when you are pregnant. And electric blankets they adivse to only use before you get in. Something about raising your body temp is not good for preg people. But I would think a warm bath is ok. I am doing ok. Went to the dr yesterday, found heartbeat, sent home with everything ok. Been hearing lots of stories of preg people bleeding the whole time and making it to the end. I just want to be normal!! Make sure you only share postivie things with me, I am not ready to hear any bad stuff! How about starting a new thread and everyone check in with their latest status? I'll start, and it will be Part 5!!


T - December 10



Toni - December 10

It won't let my entires bump it up. Someone else will have to try.


Toni - December 10

Trying this again


Bethany - December 10

did we change threads? Did not see a new one listed?


isa - December 11

I will try to bump this up and start a new thread with Hope Part 5. Look for it.


isa - December 11

Ok I got the new one started called

This one does not bump up so I hope you all find it.



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