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Toni - November 13

Here it is. Everyone check in!


Bethany - November 14

Welcome LSB and Solange....good luck with your TTC.


Bethany - November 14

Went today for more b/w and u/s - DR called and said to do two more days of purgeon injections and go back Tues am for more b/w and u/s....have been feeling rather crampy lately and just wondering if anyone knows if theis has to do with the number of eggs that are growing? There were four at my appt on Thursday and will find out tomorrow where things were at today.....just hoping that nothing else is going on causing the cramping.....hoping for 2nd IUI before the weekend....always wishing the best for everyone here,.


LSB - November 14

Thanks for the welcome! Question - Hubby and I have a planned vacation for Thanksgiving and are leaving for a six hour car trip right from the RE office after the IUI. Is that a good idea or not? I just don't know exactly what to expect from and IUI being that I have never had one. Thanks.


Toni - November 14

Bethany it could be the growing eggs. I am sure it's nothing to worry about. LSB, I think the car trip is fine. You would probably want to lay down anyway so just recline the seat and take a nap. I know I felt crampy for about 2 days. And I did not do any exercise or anything just to make sure.


AmyR - November 14

Here I am... nothing new here, just wanted you all to know that I found you. I've been trying to keep up with everyone. Hello to all... and baby dust to everyone too.


Becky - November 14

Hello Ladies.. I am kinda of worried still no af.. Last time took prometrium on thrusday night.. The nurse had me set up for u/s on Monday said that I would probably start on Sat.. Bethany hope you get some good follicles.. LSB my re is 2 hrs away I travel back home.. I just recline my seat that Toni said.. How are you feeling Toni, Amy R, Lee, Becca, Edy sorry if I missed anyone.. Baby dust..


isa - November 14

I'm here. af did start today but its not a full flow and so I count tomorrow as CD1. I will start u/s,b/w and injections cd3.Becky I stopped my progesterone supps. thurs night also and only got a partial start of af today so maybe tomorrow you will get it. Bethany I got really crampy with my eggs (5 this past cycle) starting on CD10 and started worse after ovulation and was told its the follicles. Same with last month when I had a bunch too.


Lee - November 14

I am here. Thinking of you all.


Toni - November 14

Isa I'm glad you get to move forward now. I forgot, are you changing anything this cycle? Becky, hope your's starts today. I feel the same. Really tired sometimes and sometimes completely normal. Just watching the pooch grow (gets bigger as the day goes on, wondering how long I can hide it!).


jsa - November 14

Hey Toni, so jealous of your pouch (I have one just not for the same reasons haha)- Regular flow today so called and confirmed if I count yesterday or today and they said today is CD1.This cycle we are doing no clomid due to my lining thinning each month so he has me only with my injections 225mg /day starting cd 3. Last month I started them on 6 and the month before 7. I am hoping for no lining issues this month but the 2 cycles they monitored me before meds/shots I was a 7 and an 8 (not sure which day) and I think they said 7 was low, 8 was borderline so I am hoping it is better this month otherwise I will beg for the estrogen pills again to increase it. So far I am booked for wed cd3, for full bladder u/s, internal vag u/s, and b/w. Then vag u/s and b/w on cd 9,11 and if they think they need it they will bring me in on cd 10. They will decide on cd11 with the u/s if I need to come in on cd12 or if I trigger on 12 or what the plan is then 2 iui's again.


isa - November 14

ok that was me above I cant even type. And correction I am booked also for u/s, b/w cd 7 (so I go in CD7,9,11), 10 and 12 if they deem I need the monitoring for whatever reason.They are really good and watchful with our monitorings


Lee - November 14

Isa-I am curious about one thing with your protocol. Since you have male factor issues, has your RE ever suggested that your IUIs be slightly longer than just 24 hours apart? I have no idea if this is relevant to your situation, I just wanted to make sure you knew there were different approaches to this as far as timing is concerned. I REALLY want you to be pregnant. I have pasted in something I read below. It DOES say that they think 22 hours apart "may" be better, but that might be something to reconsider with a low sperm count. Here it follows:...........................How should my IUIs be timed?
In most cases, doctors who do two IUIs do the first about 24 hours after the HCG shot and the second about 48 hours after the shot. Some studies have shown that doing one IUI about 36 hours after the HCG is equally effective. However, some recent research suggests that higher pregnancy rates may be achieved by doing two IUIs, one at 12 hours past the hCG shot and one at 34 hours. However, your doctor will decide depending on your current stimulation cycle.


Becca - November 14

Found you! Nothing new-still no af, I am going to call when my RE gets back in town later this week and ask for some serious answers. I am looking into metformin because my older sister is on it and just found out she is pg


Jeana - November 14

Hello Ladies! Just thought Id check in and say hi to everyone. Nothing new here, just the 2ww is the longestttttt in history! I havent been feeling that great, VERY tired. I guess its stress. I started the prometrium last night. Just trying to prepare myself, I know that it can give you symptoms like full breast, nausea, and tiredness. I just dont want to psych myself out...:( Thats what it did to me last time. I am also having pains in my side around my left ovary. Why would that be? DH says its ovulating, but I had my IUI on the 10th?!?! What could it be.....(because it does feel like that)
Warm Wishes To All!!!!!
(I sound like a Christmas card!)


Toni - November 14

Jeana, that could be some follicles that did not release. I think I had that. I had pains there and then when I went in to see the sac, they saw follicles still in my ovaries. Some that just did not quite make it. Were you on clomid or something? Then after my last sono she saw the corpeus luteum. I thought a few days ago I might have had a corpus luteum cyst. But I know those are nothing to worry about and it went away in a day or so. Hope that helps.


Jeana - November 14

Yeah thanks! I was on clomid 75 mg. Could I have ovulated with the hcg shot, and now im ovulating again on my own? I dont know if thats possible...



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