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Toni - February 25

Ok, here we are! Isa, mvt is for movement. That is an abbreviation we use in dance! I forgot that maybe it's not a standard one for here! Hope everyone is having a fun weekend. I picked out baby bedding yesterday. Here is what I picked out.


Tonya - February 25

i'm here...Toni, i couldn't get the link to work....i wanted to see what cute stuff...glad you started no. 7....


Becca - February 25

Here! RE apt went well. We are going to try 2 more rounds of IUI and then take time off to save up for IVF and save up on time off at work as well.


AmyR - February 25

Hi ladies!! I'm here. Good idea for the new thread. Toni- I tried to see the bedding, but it only brought me to Amazon... no bedding? That's so exciting though, to pick out the bedding. Hi to everyone else!!


Lee - February 25



Toni - February 25

I am sorry my link didn't work. It is from Amazon, it's the Vintage Teaberry collection from Wendy Bellisimo if you want to try again.


Tonya - February 26

Toni, i absolutely love that set....i would love to have another baby girl....they are so sweet....but boys are, this point, i would be so happy to have a sweet baby period....


isa - February 26

Toni how exciting. I tried to look it up and took out all the _ and dashes but only got to amazon site also. Describe it for us so we can live it through your descriptions. Becca glad to know you and I are on the same page/cycle again and thought plans. I go in tomorrow for my cd 6 u/s,b/w to see how I"m responding this month to the injections.


Lee - February 26

Toni girl, you've got great taste!


Toni - February 26

Lee and Tonya thanks! I'm trying. It's fun to have an unexpected do-over! I know that more of us will be shopping soon! Isa it's basically a vintage floral fabric in pink matched with a sage green chenille. Ok, what appts do we have going this week?


Tonya - February 26

hey ya'll...i'm supposed to have an appt. tomorrow, but i think i'm gonna cancel...i did a HPT this morning and it was, i don't see a point...i'll have to go after i start anyway, ya know? hope everbody is having a good weekdend.... :


Toni - February 26

Tonya, what cd is it for you?


Tonya - February 26

Toni, it's cd29...


AmyR - February 27

Beautiful Bedding Toni!! I have 2 appts this week, THurs to meet with High Risk OGGYN, and Fri my RE to start IVF yippee!! I can't wait. I'll still have to wait until the beginning of April but at least I'll learn the injecitons etc. Hope everyone is feeling well...


Toni - February 27

Amy that is so exciting! I heard something on the radio about IVF being more successful than IUI. Not sure if that is true or not. But if you think about it, you are taking a lot of variables out of it! Hope you have lots of eggs!


Becca - February 27

Hey all! Good morning! Isa- It is nice to have a cycle buddy that is on the same type of cycle as you. Since we are doing all injections the RE gave me 6 free doses of Gonal-F and then referred some women that are selling there left over drugs and I am getting the remaining doses needed for 150 dollars so that is nice. Saves me some money. I have a cd9 u/s on Friday along with my annual at the same time. Lots of fun.


isa - February 27

morning all. Cd 7. My u/s yesterday showed lining is 6.7 with 6 small right size follies and 6 left size but not large enough to measure yet. Little concerned as last month my cd6 was already a lining of 7.6 and my largest follies already measured at 9mm, 9mm & 3mm. Trying to keep the faith. Not sure what E2 was as they dont apparently run b/w on Sun so I'll find out when I go in for cd 8 u/s,b/w tomorrow. Toni I still have to look up your bedding. Hope everyone else is doing well. Becca thats amazing costs. We too can buy from those with left overs but I decided it was easier to order and have delivered than to track down people and pay them (and I'm a bit shy to phone people etc). Good for you thou what a savings. If I was on name brand I'd be on Bravelle. Is that the same class as gonal f?



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