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Toni - January 12

Here we are! Hey Judi, good to hear from you. I am 17 weeks. Just got back from the dr and all is well. Love the heartbeat. There are times I feel the flutter but then I am just not sure. We have thought of a few names. It's funny the reaction you get from some people. Almost all have been positive a few were lukewarm. But oh well, it's your kid right? Right now our favorite is Grayson Rae. I know it's a boy's name but so is mine! And my daughter has a name like that too. But I have a few months to change my mind!


Lee - January 12

Okay, I would have preferred Grayson Lee, but I love the one you've chosen!

I'm here.


Bethany - January 13

Hello all - on the previous page, someone talked about temps dropping - I think it was Isa - should I be tracking my temps? I have not been told to do this but just wondering what it could tell me.....thanks for all the baby's hoping this is our month - we meet with the DR tomorrow to discuss our options if this is not our month. Trying not to dwell on that but have to be realistic and hopeful at the same time. Also considering telling out families what is going on as they have no idea about any of this.....not sure how to go about it but will have to figure it out.....


Judi - January 13

Toni, I really like that name. It's pretty and also original. I know what you mean about people's reactions...we've told a few friends that we've chosen Lauren Elizabeth, but we're not telling our families until after she's born and it's officially her name. I know that someone will have something to say about it - probably my mother! I'm glad that you are doing so well. I think the flutters you're feeling are most likely the baby. My little girl kicks every few hours now, and I think she's had the hiccups a few times too. My husband was finally able to feel her kick about two weeks ago, and he got tears in his eyes. Bethany, I think it might make it easier for you if you do tell your families what you're going through. My mother-in-law made little comments to us constantly for years about wondering why we were waiting so long, etc., and it really hurt because we were trying so desperately (you'd think she wouldn't have done that since she and my father-in-law had trouble conceiving when they had my husband). Finally my husband told her what was happening and that she needed to stop, and then she felt really bad. I told my parents too, and it made us feel better after they knew. They at least stopped asking us when we were going to have children. Hopefully this will be your month, though, and you won't have to worry about it. Good luck!


Becky - January 13

Found it.. Toni so glad that your dr. appt went well. It always made me feel better after I heard the heart beat.. Bethany good luck with your appt.. My appt when good I am glad that I met with a different ob dr.. She was so nice. I am going to have some b/w done. Baby dust to all..


LSB - January 13

Hi everyone! Toni - I really like the name Grayson. So many girl and boy names are interchangable now that it really doesn't matter. Judi - the name Lauren Elizabeth just flows off the tongue, it's also a very nice name. I hope all is well with everyone else!!


Lee - January 13

Judi, are you sure our husbands are not brothers? I think we have the same mother in law.....


Judi - January 13

Lee, I'm sure, as my husband is an only child (his mother did have a baby girl three years before he was born, but she was born 3 months early and only lived for one day). I think mothers-in-law lose their minds a little when it comes to grandchildren. She is normally very careful not to overstep any boundaries and not to make any comments that might offend anyone (unlike my mother who says exactly what she thinks whenever she wants to), so it was really surprising to me that she was so tactless about the subject of us having children, especially after what she went through with losing one child and waiting so long for another one. At least she was very apologetic once she found out what was going on, though. I'm sorry that you had to deal with the same thing...I found it to be one of the most difficult and hurtful parts of not being able to conceive. People can be so thoughtless. I finally ended up telling more people than I wanted to about our difficulties just because I was so tired of the questions about when we were going to have children or why we were waiting.


Toni - January 13

Judi your name is very lovely. Very feminine, I like it. I am thinking my mom won't like mine, she did not like my other daughter's name at first either. But of course she grew to love it because of her. Thanks for all who expressed positive feedback on our name! Becky i am so glad you liked your new dr. It is so important to really like them I think. I love my new dr. She is so sweet and just talks to you like she has nothing else to do. Love that. Bethany, I never did the temp thing. Isa what day are you on?


Lee - January 13

Toni, you know I was joking, right? I asked you to name her Lee when she could have been a him or a her. I do love the name!!!


Bethany - January 13

Met with the DR today and he has indiacted to us that if this last round of IUI (done Wednesday Jan 11) does not work, that if we want, he can refer us to the IVF program (done in a separte City). It will take about 6 months to get in, and in that time we can try on our own. Otherwise, we can look into adoption. We asked how to explain it to our families and he said it is really unexplainable. We could get pregnant on our own, there is nothing stopping us but nature. We still have most of our 2ww to get thru and in that time we will talk about what our options are. Did find out today that the IVF program is not as expensive as we thought. I am worried about telling our families; we have kept it from them for so long and I don't want them upset with us for that. It is such a personal and private topic to me that I am hoping they will respect that part. I appreciate the feedback I get from everyone here and it is so nice knowing that somewhere out there, there are people who understand the things we are going thru. Too bad we were not all closer (living areas) so that we could actually get together...well here's hoping that this last round of IUI was our turn....thank you to all of you - baby dust to those who need it.....and lots of luv and affection to those already pg......


isa - January 14

ok today is 7days past 2nd iui. temp up again to 97.9 so if it keeps up or goes higher I'll be happy. Bethany you were asking about temps. It saves me a whole heck of a lot of money so I dont need to use hpts. If my temp drops the 2nd week around a certain time I know I'm not pregnant. It also allows me to know that I have ovulated (if it was a month we werent being monitored Ie: when we had to cancel cycle due to cysts and when they were closed over the holidays.) My 40 days cycle would have had me testing forever and getting negs hpts when in fact I didnt ovulate that month til cd29. I can tell as I am approaching ovulation because I get my dip (not everyone gets one).I also can know when af is going to start by the dips I get too so that I am prepared with things in my purse if you know what i mean. I've been charting 13 months now and have gotten really good at reading my charts as they are very close every month (with the exception of the 40 day cycle but even after ovulation it followed my regular pattern). I've gotten hooked on it. Many docs dont care about it (mine sure doesnt)but it gives me a sense of accomplishment when i get to see the ovulation shift each month which lets me know my body is still working correctly. My girlfriend tried it 1 month and flipped out stressed from doing it so its not for everyone. It can let you know things like too low temps can be estrogen/progesterone problems etc. You can read about it by googling bbt or basal body temperature. Toni that sound pretty and Judi too I like your names. baby dust and lots of glue to you all.


Lee - January 14

Isa, I just want you to know that I think about you and how you continue to approach this so positively and I am so impressed with how supportive you are of others going through this. I really hope that good news is coming your way.


Lee - January 14

As for me, I learned yesterday that the important paper that I was waiting for will arrive today. A huge weight off my shoulders and another example of a lucky Friday the 13th in my life.


Toni - January 14

Lee I know you were kidding!! That is so great you are getting the paper you need. I have a contact on another thread who thought that Guatemalaen (sp?) adoptions were shutting down. Do you know anything about that? Bethany I hope you get your bfp this time!!! Will you have to travel far to do IVF? And I am sure your family will understand why you have kept this private. When you explain how it is emotionally for you. We did not tell anyone we were doing IUI. Isa I hope your temps keep going up!


Lee - January 14

Toni, more detail later if you want it. They have been trying to shut down single parent adoption lately and change the system, and it did go through major changes in 03 but it is open now and they are focused on their upcoming election, so all is well here!


isa - January 15

Lee, thank you for your kinds words. In some way I think my attitude came from you. I cant tell you exactly what or when but you had at some point put something on the thread and it seemed to click with me. That, and the 2 month forced break from all the craziness gave me a new perspective I think. Dh is crazier and crazier in love with the idea every day of having a little one.Each day he pats my belly and talks to it and telling it to grow.He's my rock.Glad your paperwork came through. I cant wait to hear about your trip when you get the go ahead. I watched adoption stories again today. A family went to Columbia to get 3 (twins age 7 and a sister aged 5). I cried it was so touching.



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