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Toni - December 28

Here it is. Current status for me, taking care of a 6 month old and cheering you guys on!!


Tonya1 - December 28

Hey Toni, glad you started a new thread....I got up yesterday @ 4:15 and headed out....Target had the cutest little girl Christmas stuff!! I found her a little Carter's Santa dress for next year and some little leggings and a sweater....I got a lot of good stuff (wrapping paper, Yankee candles) at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linens & Things.....Today I went to Bath and Body and got some really pretty candle holders for next Christmas.....sorry about you missing the last get together....the holidays can be so overwhelming for the little ones.....


isa - December 28

I'm here. Took my cetrotide shot today (keep me from ovulating) and go in for more b/w, u/s tomorrow. Tonya I love those stores. We only have linens & things in Canada but not the other 2 and i love them and spend way too much money in them when i go to the U.S Toni thanks for starting a new thread. I hope its lucky part 13. Still can't believe you have a 6 mo old. Lee hope you had a nice xmas with your new little Hope. Hey Becky hows the clomid doing on your emotions?


isa - December 28

u/s shows my growing follies: right side 17mm, 15mm, 13mm + 3 smaller and left shows 10mm, 9mm and 1 smaller. lining is great at 9.5 my highest ever without meds. E2 is about 3600 canadian (981 US level). back in daily now for b/w, u/s with possible retrieval day of mon or tuesday.


Keeli - December 28

Hello!! Toni I'm just so excited today I can hardly speak, so I'm getting on all of my chat boards and telling everyone. The US government has (finally) approved my petition for an international adoption! One country down, one to go... Isa, thanks for the nice words. I was ttc, but gave up rather early. Dh and I are older (I'm 37 and he's 44), so we ditched the doctors and opted for a new way - adoption. Good luck with your IVF. I read about you all the time when I check up on my Toni girl! Hope Lee comes back on here. I'm really curious to hear about her travel experience and all.


isa - December 29

keeli Your a youngin compared to me...I'm 41....good luck with your adoption, glad to hear you were approved. What country are you trying for? keep us posted


isa - December 29

my update -still looking good. Rightside - 19mm, 16mm, 15mm, 12mm left side 2 at 12mm and lining is 9.3. I called in for my E2 level she said its about 4500 (can level) but RE hadn't reviewed yet so not sure amount of meds for tonight. I bought 1 box of 5 menopur figuring he wouldn't increase from my 4 viles but it he does i will have to drive back in and buy more. I go in again tomorrow. I think i'm getting close, maybe trigger sunday or monday?


Toni - December 29

Isa it sounds like you have some great follies!! I had 4 when I did my IUI. I hope Lee checks in too. Tonya I love those stores too. I also bought gift wrap etc. But I am not brave enough to buy clothes for a future season. I am not good at guessing what size they will be then. Jillian is hitting the 75th percentile on height and weight. Keeli, I am so excited for you! Progress is a good thing!


Tonya1 - December 29

Wow, Isa!!! Things are really looking good!!! Keeli, congrats on the good news....Toni, my babies are usually 75th percentile, daughter stays at about 90th in height and 75th in son usually stays at 75th for both....Becky, how are you doing???


Keeli - December 30

Thanks for all the well wishes ladies!! Dh and I are extatic! After we get our paperwork to China it will be about a 2 year wait to get a baby, but heck I was ttc longer than that, so it should be alright. Speaking of percentile, many of these internationally adopted babies are about 50 percent below where they should be when the get adopted. They say when you get the baby she is like "baby on steroids" to watch them grow and develop so quickly. Apparently in the institutions they just don't get enough nourishment and exercise. So sad! Isa, your follies are perfect size!! Good luck with the shot this weekend. Maybe with that many good follicles, you will get more than you hoped for! ;o)


isa - December 30

thanks for the well wishes everyone I'll keep ya posted. Keeli you are so right about how tiny they are -I was at the docs the other day and a girl had a 1 year old from china (adopted -i overheard her telling someone else) and the baby looked about 4 months old she was sooo tiny and her mom said that she was growing like a weed and drinking tons. I do hope you dont have to wait 2 years.


Becky - December 30

Hello. Isa I am so glad that everything is going great. I have had hot flashes with the clomid and sometimes get really upset. I will get my b/w done on cd21 and that is on Tue Jan 9th so we will see if it worked are will have to move up. Toni it is so hard to believe Jillian is 6 months along. Tonya it sounds like you had a good shopping day. What is your do date. Keeli I am glad to hear about your adoption we have thought about it but just not sure yet.


Toni - December 31

Keeli I can't believe you have to wait 2 years! I hope you don't. Sure makes the 2ww seem easy! Becky hang in there with that clomid. I was the same way. I am still thinking one of us should give out their email and then we all can see each other and our kids. Thoughts?


isa - December 31

does anyone have an email account (non personal like a yahoo they are willing to give up? so we can do as Toni says?) I go in tomorrow things are looking good. My guess is trigger sunday or monday with retrieval 2 days later then 3 days later for a transfer if there is anything to transfer :)


isa - December 31

It's trigger time tonight. Retrieval tues morn and transfer if all ok on Friday morn. Lining at 9, follies on right 22mm, 19mm,18mm, 15mm +2 smaller and on left 16mm, 15mm +1smaller. Not great compared to what i was doing 8,10 months ago but I'll take it compared to my last ivf try. Scared but excited at the same time Happy New Year to you all.


Toni - December 31

Isa I think those sound good! How exciting!!! Happy New Year to all!


Tonya1 - January 1

Isa, that sounds promising!!! okay, we've all been talking for a long time and I think this should e-mail is dartan@ (the big city that I'm closest to) , if ya'll remember, e-mail me and we can send pics....We are playing games with our kiddos this new year.....We should have fun....ya'll all have a safe and fun New Year!!!



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