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ISA - April 8

Here is the new thread. Any news with anyone? 3 dpo/dp iui for me and counting.


Toni - April 8

No news here, which is good for me! Perfect weather in Texas.


isa - April 9

Toni I am jealous. My weather is about 37F.


amanda78 - April 9

Hi all! I went to the dr. on 4/3 and beta was 239. On 4/5 it had dropped to 63. I go back on 4/12 for another recheck and they think it will be down to negative by then. DH and I are hopeful for next month. Dr. said that there is only about a 15% chance that I would miscarry again so I felt like that was pretty good odds. Toni-I'm so happy for you! And Isa-I have a good feeling about a BFP for you this time! I am near Nashville and we had several tornadoes rip through the area yesterday. My nerves still haven't recovered from that because one hit about 1/2 mile from where I work. Oh well.... Baby dust to all!


Tonya - April 9

hey ya'll....just checking in, no news...I'm glad you're doing so good Toni and Judi. Isa, I've got a good feeling about this month for you....Amanda, that's good about next month...Where's Lee? I'm wondering if you've heard anything more about that sweet Hope...


Toni - April 10

Hey Amanda stay safe and Isa stay warm! Hi
Tonya!! Lee must be having a really fun weekend!


isa - April 10

Had a great dream last night. Drempt my beta was 70 woo hoo, wouldn't that be nice!! one more week and counting.


Judi - April 10

Isa, I really hope that dream comes true!


isa - April 10

Judi you and me both. Well 5dpo so hoping we fertilized and implantation happens over the next day or few.


Judi - April 11

I had my 36-week appointment today, and I'm 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I have to go once a week now. The doctor says everything still looks great.


Tonya - April 11

Judi, that is such good news!!! You're in the homestretch now...I'm so happy for you & Toni... :)


isa - April 11

way to go Judi. I cant believe you are due so soon. That is so fantastic. Lee saw another adoption story on Guatemala tonight - a little boy. Thought of you again...actually everytime I hear Guatelma you're in my thoughts. How are you doing?


Toni - April 11

Judi you are so close!!! My gestational diabetes test came back slightly elevated so I have to do another test. Not worried yet. I have no risk factors except my age. I think it's my horrible diet with lots of cookies! Trying to do better now. Hope all is well. Isa it's getting close. Praying for implantation.


Judi - April 11

Thanks, everyone! I can't believe it's almost time for us to meet our precious Lauren. Isa, how are you feeling today? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Tonya, what's going on with you now? Toni, I'm sorry to hear that about your test, but I'm sure your next one will be fine. I know quite a few people who've had an elevated first test, and the second one has been fine. Lee, any more news on little Hope?


Toni - April 11

Lee must be on vacation! To Guatemala perhaps? :) I am on my two day special diet and I don't like it! But I want a good test result. Judi I hope you are right about my results!


Tonya1 - April 12

This is Tonya...I had to re-register for some reason? Hey ya'll...I'm just checking in....Judi, we are just "trying on our own"....not sure if we will have another just hoping...I'm so excited for you & Toni. Have you picked out announcements yet? I found some cute things at ds is turning 3 in May and they had the cutest fire truck invitation...I called our local fire department (we live just south of Houston, on the way to Galveston) and they will bring a fire truck to our home...He will be so excited! Toni, hang in there with that testing...I'm sure it will all be fine...when do you re-test? Isa, I still think it's your month...


BeccaR - April 12

hey all- I am still here. I had to start using my registered name since it won't let you post unless you are logged in. Nothing new going on here. I took my last bcp so we are just waiting to see if af comes next week. Then after that dh and I will just be trying on our own for a while.



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