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isa - March 20

Hey Lee thanks. I'm doin ok. Only a few tears so far as I'm trying to keep myself de-stressed.I told dh I'm expecting numbers to go down and not expecting to go through Wed. feeling like today so not being overly optimistic. I just am using it as a chance to learn more about what my body is doing and hoping the extra 2 days will give the RE some more insight into what it's doing. My understanding is the hcg is out of system by 10 dpo (today is 12), and even if it was still in partially they say it is under 1 still (I think) which leads me to believe something is going on ....... we just dont know what that is yet! Thanks for listening.


Judi - March 20

Isa, I'm really sorry. You're right...the HCG should be out of your system by now. They would have done my blood test at 11 dpo if we hadn't been out of town. Like you said, hopefully this will give the RE more insight into what's going on and how to help you. You're in my prayers.


amanda78 - March 21

Isa, so sorry to hear your news. It's not over yet though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. AF reared her ugly head yesterday for me. I called this morning and the nurse said that we can try again this month. I start 100 mg clomid tomorrow for 5 days and go in for an ultrasound on 3/31 to check for follies. If everything looks good, we'll go fo IUI on 4/1. Baby dust to all!


Becky - March 21

Becca I sending you baby dust for those follicles to grow.. Isa I pulling for you. I hope your beta goes up for you. Judi sorry to hear about your feet. I can't believe that you are 34weeks already. Lee does your dd know about Hope. Amanda good luck with your cycle this months.. Toni how's everything with you. I got a call from my re nurse and she said that she had 20 free shots for me that a lady had donated to the office I had to turn them down I hope I did the right thing. My re office is 2 hrs away and with my dd in a cast I couldn't except someone else to watch her. She might have to do physical therapy so I have a lot of stress with her right now so I just didn't think it was good timing. Baby dust to all


Toni - March 21

Isa I am still hoping for you! You really do have a great attitude about it all. Amanda sorry about af.
Becky, hang in there. Judi I am doing just fine. My sleep is very erratic but that is about it. I am hoping we can all access your baby pics somehow. Lee you will have Hope very soon, close to when I will have my Jillian!!


Lee - March 21

Toni-What is Jil-Lee's due date again? Maybe I can make that a goal! A big step happened yesterday, not to say we are closer, but it was one of the steps you want behind you and now it is.......Amanda-I am glad you are getting right back at it, it WILL happen......Becca and Isa, thinking of you both.....Becky-I think you did the right thing, I really do. As for DD, no, we have not told her yet. There are steps in the process that kinda guage how long we have to go. When we get to the ~~2 month out step we plan to tell her (slowly) and then we will tell the family. Friends we will tell when we are packing to go, or when we get back....Baby dust to all!!


Becca - March 22

Ok thought I would give an update. We decided to cancel the cycle as I mentioned. Anyways, they are putting me on bcp for 2 weeks and then off a week and then af should show up. They urged me not to bd until after af. I asked why and they said I could get pg since my follies are almost mature and starting bcp this late in a cycle is like missing a bunch of pills in the middle of the month when on bcp all cycle. I said that is what we want though. They said I could bd but I need to realize that there is a high chance of multiples. I told them that is fine. I am prepared for multiples. So while I most likely will not get pg this month there is still a slight chance. Isa- I hope you get some answers tomorrow. Sorry that this week is a difficult one.


isa - March 22

Hey Becca, thanks. If I were you I'd be Bd'ing too...but remember I'm the one with 15 eggs one month and couldnt even get pregnant with 2 iui's so multiples really arent a worry for me. (I take whatever comes now). I'm feeling good, much better than I thought I would. No spotting at all today. No symptoms, just wanting to know what tomorrows # is and then stop the prog. supps and wait for af to start cycle again. We've decided we can do 2 more iui cycles before a big trip we have planned in May and then we will probably consider ivf if we havent gotten pg by then. We havent even spoken to the ivf nurse so have no idea what protocols etc are.


Toni - March 22

Lee my due date is July 29. But I may be induced a week earlier due to some other factors. I get to have a sono on April 6th to check growth. Isa is there a wait time to get in the IVF program? I would go ahead and get my name on the list just in case. I am not good at waiting!! Becca go for it! It would be so cool if someone had twins!!


Becca - March 22

I am glad some others feel the way my dh and I do. We are religious and believe the Lord won't give us more than we can handle but we would love twins. We want 4 kids but if it is going to be this much time and money everytime we won't be able to do this very often until after dh is done with school so twins would be great. We have even thought how triplets would be nice. The only thing with anything larger than triplets is we would have to get a bigger car but that is not a huge deal. I start the bcp tonight because there were some problems with the pharmacy getting ahold of the dr office to verify the refill (I had to use bcp to fight a big cyst one month) so we start today and dh says we will also start a bd marithon. He is very happy I decided to go ahead and bd. I doubt it will happen but it is nice to at least have a chance of pg.


Lee - March 22

Becca, it sounds like a good and FUN plan, I love when the DH is supportive and right there with you, good luck.......ISA, I am still hoping for you......Toni girl, in my heart of hearts, I really believe she will be home before Jil-Lee is born, I am afraid to jinx it, but I am hoping she will be home in early June. She will be 6 months old on Jillian's due date.....Hey Becky!


isa - March 22

As expected beta is down from 2 days ago to 1.78 so definately not pg but new nurse didnt know if they'd class this one as a chemical pg or not so she has to get the head nurse to call me. Toni if I remember I can ask re the wait list for ivf. Lee I can't believe you may have your bundle of joy by June. I'm so jealous (in a good way) and Toni wow July -I can still remember when you got your bfp. How time flies. Becca, wow 4 kids. I just want one (at my age) and with the difficulties we are having and the cost that's all I now want. Dh would love 2 but he knows if we are blessed enough to get one we stop "paying to make a baby" and if another came naturally then ok but we stop paying to try after one (or before one if the ivf doesnt work the first time -it's game over for us -if we go ahead with ivf -still not sure I need more info on it. I hear over 40 the odds still are not in my favour).


isa - March 22

well they classed it again as a chemical pregnancy. Question: what are your thoughts re this happening twice now (back in Oct and then this month) Is there anything I should be asking, doing because it is now twice this has happened? Unfortunately the same nurse called me back as the head nurse was tied up so I didnt get many of my questions answered but she did say there is no wait list for ivf. I just need to have a review with RE, then an appt with ivf nurse and on cd 21 they would start me on Luperon etcetc. I am hoping my fav. nurse will be in on my cd 3 u/s, b/w day and I can get some q's answered. I have booked a review with RE. His first opening was Apr 7 so I took it. It will prob be my cd 14 so a probably iui day but incase I have cysts again this time and we have to cancel at least I will have the appt to be ready for the next month.


Toni - March 22

Oops! I don't know why I typed July!! I meant JUNE! I don't need another month! Isa I don't know anything about chemical pregnancies. But you are right, there are some questions to ask.


Lee - March 23

Okay Toni, then Hope will be 5 months on Jilly's due date. I still hope very much that she is home. I am trying not to get my hopes up.....Isa, I don't know what to think other than some of the pre surgery requirements for ivf (HCG and the laproscopy) can be all it takes to make this work. Maybe even to make the IUI work. My friend has twins to prove it, then got pregnant naturally and never ended up going through IVF. There is some kind of answer, whatever it is, I will be with you to the end.....


isa - March 23

Lee do you mean hsg? I've had one and all was fine. I really dont want to do a lap as I've read too many things that are of problems that occur from having them done and that say if I dont have a reason to do it and we dont have any inclination I have any problems with endo etc.than not to do it. So I think I'm holding out on that one. Thanks for sticking with me. Dh had problems he said on the way home tonight thinking about what almost was yet again. He is so sweet. I just tucked him in bed.



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