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isa - March 18

Ok guys here's the new thread check in and good luck on everyone's cycle with the new thread.


Becky - March 18

Hey found the new thread.. Thanks Isa


Lee - March 18

Welcome back from camping, Toni.... I hope for all of you this is a very lucky new thread!


Becca - March 19



Toni - March 19

Here! Baby dust and glue to all this cycle. Come on BFP's!!


Becca - March 19

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I am getting ready to head off to my u/s.


Becca - March 19

Well suprise! They did not grow but they are not canceling the cycle yet. They want to have me come back on Wednesday and then if no growth we will cancel the cycle go on bcp and take it from there. I hate not knowing how this cycle is going to go.


Judi - March 19

Hi ladies, I'm here. Isa, Becky, Becca, and everyone else, baby dust!! Becca, I know you must be getting very frustrated. I really hope you'll have good news on Wednesday. Lee, any news on when you might get to bring Hope home? I am doing feet are still terribly swollen, though. I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and I keep them propped up as much as I can, but nothing helps. I don't mind the swelling so much, but they're really sore because of it, so walking isn't much fun. However, my back isn't hurting as badly anymore, so I'm grateful for that. Our next baby shower is next Saturday, so I'm looking forward to it. I'm almost 34 weeks, so little Lauren will be here before long. I'm getting really excited, and nervous too. Toni, how are you doing?


isa - March 20

Let's keep our hopes up for your cycle Becca. -here's to growing eggs!! I go in for beta test tomorrow. I'm scared/nervous & hoping it's my month finally. Not sure what it will yield. I'm hoping the lack of feeling things this month may be a good sign (no headaches/migraines, very little cramping). Judi I cant believe you are already 34 weeks -sorry 'bout your feet.


isa - March 20

Just got back from going for beta and but I think it might be all over as I just went to the washroom and had some pink when I wiped. It's cd 28 so its not unusual for me to start today but I'm still on the progesterone so it surprised me. Its the first time on progesterone that it's happened before I've stopped taking it. Usually its 1 1/2 -2 1/2 days later that this happens. Is it possible it's something else? Now the wait for the call is going to just kill me and I gave them my home # to call this time so I wont find out until I get home later today.


Judi - March 20

Isa, I'm so sorry. However, at least a couple of my friends had some bleeding or spotting around the time that they tested positive, so don't give up hope quite yet. I know you must be going crazy waiting for the results. Hang in there and we'll keep hoping for a BFP. Good luck.


Becca - March 20

Isa- That sounds more like implantation bleeding to me but I am not an expert. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. DH and I decided to cancel this cycle now since we now have to take an emergency trip out of town. Just waiting for the RE to call back so they can call in my prescription for bcp.


Lee - March 20

Oh Becca, I am sorry. I will keep my fingers crossed.......Well Judi, I hope I can bring Hope home not too too long after Lauren comes home. More likely about 10 weeks from now, could be a lot more, I am not counting on anything until she is here.....


Lee - March 20

Isa baby, I am pulling for you.


isa - March 20

Msg from nurse was negative when I called for my msg so I called the head nurse and told her about the spotting and she pulled up my file & my beta was a 2.8 today. We decided since it is totally out of character for me to spot before stopping the progesterone that I would keep taking it for 2 more days and retake beta on Wed. I am not expecting it to go up but it will help them determine if indeed it was another chemical pregnancy again by how the number is on Wed. As I said earlier this was a way different cycle for me and the spotting has never occurred while on the supps. in past cycles. It might also indicate lower progesterone this month since af shouldn't start until after you stop the supps. Anyhow I havent had any more spotting in hours (knock on wood). thanks for all your well wishes. Becca, sorry you had to cancel your cycle I hope all turns out well with your trip.


Lee - March 20

Okay Isa, I'm right here with you while we wait it out. The number has to start somewhere and anything is possible, right? Hope you are okay.


isa - March 20

Hey Lee thanks. I'm doin ok. Only a few tears so far as I'm trying to keep myself de-stressed.I told dh I'm expecting numbers to go down and not expecting to go through Wed. feeling like today so not being overly optimistic. I just am using it as a chance to learn more about what my body is doing and hoping the extra 2 days will give the RE some more insight into what it's doing. My understanding is the hcg is out of system by 10 dpo (today is 12), and even if it was still in partially they say it is under 1 still (I think) which leads me to believe something is going on ....... we just dont know what that is yet! Thanks for listening.



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