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isa - May 3

Here is our new thread as requested. Looks like one follie stopped growing at 11 and the other is at 13mm, lining up to 6.6, E2 rose to 878. Back in Fri for more b/w, u/s. Toni glad to hear baby is doing well. I'm sure you wont mind going a week or 2 early. Lori congrats on the new addition and I too hope you can have his little sister. It would be nice to keep them together. Also thanks for your odds they sound much better than i heard/read.


Shauna - May 3

Hey Keeli, I must have been typing at the same time as isa. Is the soy over the counter or RX?


LEE - May 3

Present and accounted for.


Becky - May 4

Hello dd got cast off today go back in4 weeks make sure everythings ok. I also started spotting today. I never get af on my own and I think its coming I have really bad cramps. I just hope maybe I can get pg on my own. Lori congrats your little boy. Isa I am praying that those follices keep growing. Tonya are your cycle normally this long.. How things going Lee. Toni wow I think your pregnancy has gone so fast. Baby dust to all...


Keeli - May 4

Hi Ladies! Tony, we have two months left of our ttc. Shauna, I think you ought to be able to get the soy over the counter. They sell it everywhere they sell vitamins here. Some women are taking the powder that they mix with milk or some other drink, and some (like me) are taking the pills. A lady I've been talking to on this forum for over a year just changed REs and her new doctor told her to try this instead of the clomid, which she had been taking for about 8 months. Her new doctor said it works like clomid and forces ovulation. I've been doing some internet research and have found that while soy has health risks when you take it every day, there seems to be little health risk to taking it only 5 days out of the cycle. Of course, its always better to consult with a doctor for these types of things, and there is some question of wether it would effect people with thyroid problems. Well, I'm doing it this month from cd3-7. They say the earlier you do it in your cycle, the more follicles you will develop. The later you take it (starting cd5 or later) the fewer the follices but the follicles will be stronger. Should be interesting to see what happens this cycle.


Tonya1 - May 4

hey ya'll, Isa, wonder why the one follie stopped growing at 11? Becky, glad dd finally got her cast a BFN again this morning...cd39 now...i'm usually a 29 day girl...not sure what's happening...i went to the RE at the beginning of this cycle and was cleared of any cysts or anything before cancelling this cycle....wish i knew what was happening.


LEE - May 4

Hey Toni, sounds like that baby is going to be plump and yummy, can't wait to hear. Your pregnancy has gone by SO fast. It is amazing, during the 2ww the days just crawl, but then you look back and boom, we were at the beginning of your 2ww! To answer your question, I sadly believe that you and Jillee will beat Hope and I home. She is 3 months old now and I have AT LEAST 2 months of process to go (and that could go on for 6 more months) so I am just taking it one day at a time. Please keep us in your thoughts. XXOO to all!!


Toni - May 4

Lee that has to be so frustrating!!! Of course this pregnancy has not flown by for me! That horrible month of Dec. when I had the bleeding, the CVS test and the scare of losing her went on FOREVER!!! But I was excited yesterday when she said I might get her a little earlier! Becky glad to hear about dd. I bet she is happy! Tonya I wonder what is going on with your cycle!! How old are you? Hang in there!


Tonya1 - May 4

Toni, i just turned 35.


Becky - May 4

Lee you are in my thoughts and prays that Hope is home soon. Tonya have you contacted your re about not getting af yet. Keeli I hope you get pg in the next couple of months. My dh and I are ttc natural if at all possible..


Shauna - May 4

Keeli, I found the soy.... It is 30 tablets for $16.98 at Walmart in Canada. I think I will try to order from a different company if it will be cheaper. Mine are Jamieson Brand. Thanks for the info. I never would have thought soy would work.


isa - May 4

Tonya, my guess is why the one follie stopped growing is because I'm on no meds and there was maybe some left in my system from all those other months? I only expected 1 so when they actually told me I had 2 at one point I was shocked and totally expected one to stop growing. The u/s tech on cd12 (yesterday) said it might be a hemorrhagic cyst. I just read what that was and sure hope it isnt. It says those ones can get painful if they rupture oh nooooooo. I hope tomorrows u/s shows it is not. Nurse called after she spoke to RE today about my tsh (4.9) as i was concerned and again she reminded me Can. and American #'s are different and he is ok with me for ivf with up to a tsh of 5.7 so she said I just wanted to let you know not to worry. So I feel much better about that.


isa - May 5

Shauna be cautious with this soy thing. I found this article on soy: Female and male infertility

That phytoestrogens inhibit fertility in animals has been long known — studies involving laboratory mice, birds, cattle, sheep and captive cheetahs have confirmed it again and again. But the phytoestrogens in soy are now being seen as powerful endocrine disrupters that can adversely affect human fertility, along with environmental estrogens such as PCBs, DDT, hormones in feedlot beef and the chemical bisphenol-A, which migrates into food from plastic containers and plastic-lined cans.

Many scientists now point to soy infant formula and a steady diet of modern processed soy foods to help explain two trends in child development today: Girls are developing earlier and boys are developing later. Apart from what this means to the lives of individual children, early sexual maturation in girls is linked to an increased risk of infertility, breast cancer and ovarian cancer later in life.

According to studies cited by SOS, human sperm count has decreased markedly over the past five decades, which many believe is due to the introduction of soy in the western diet. SOS asserts that there is strong evidence that genistein can inhibit an enzyme that is required for the synthesis of testosterone and the development of the male genital tract. In addition, there is also evidence that genistein, which has also been described as a potent immunosuppressant, and daidzein are toxic to human sperm.

Katie Singer, a local author who teaches fertility awareness, a natural method for preventing and achieving pregnancy and gauging gynecological health, has made several observations through the classes she teaches at Women’s Health Services in Santa Fe.

“A significant percentage of women under 25 who take my classes are not ovulating, or aren’t ovulating regularly,” Singer said. ‘Just because you’re menstruating doesn’t mean you’re ovulating,” she added.

“Once they remove tofu and soy milk from their diets and introduce healthy fats, such as organic butter, nut butters, coconut milk, avocadoes and organic meats, many of them start ovulating more regularly,” Singer said. She stresses that this is not an organized study but an observation made from teaching approximately 200 women over five years. She also draws on the work of herbalist Susun Weed in steering women away from unfermented soy products. From the website: http://www.soyonlineservic


isa - May 5

take out the dashes in the website link there are none in the entire address.


Keeli - May 5

Thanks for the info Isa. I've done a good bit of homework on soy, and like you say, I would never never never take soy as a supplement for health in ttc. Like clomid, taking soy is NOT good for you. I'm using it to 'force' ovulation since I have problems ovulating due to my PCOS. Shauna, if ovulation is not your problem, you may want to think twice about taking soy. Here's a really good and LONG discussion thread about soy and women with PCOS. Its really informative and provides lots of points of view. **
I've just finished my last day taking soy. The other lady that I talk to that just started this program said she just ovulated and it was so strong she felt like a chicken laying an egg. We shall see what happens to me in the next few days.


Shauna - May 6

May not need the soy...I am CD30 and have that is unusual for me. About the soy. I looked into it through the family planning clinic and with the dose that I will be on they said that it might just be enough to get the ovaries moving. I had endometriosis last year and dr doesn't think my eggs are very mature. Couldn't get a hold of reg. dr today but the family planning clinic actually has suggested a higher dose (100mg) twice daily for bc. I have 30 pills and they are one a day and 50mg each. I will be careful... I am not a internet pill orderer...don't worry... or actually worry lots cuz that's what we are all here for (each other). Thanks guys.


Shauna - May 6

take out have in first line above...sorry.



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