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isa - December 11

Ok guys check in. I think I might be getting af cramps right now YEA HA.... finally.


Lee - December 11

The things we wish for! I am hoping so much that we will be celebrating your BFP very soon, Isa. She will be a wonderful baby with a wonderful name. And all of this waiting and worrying and work will seem like it never happened once she is in your arms.


Bethany - December 11

WEll back in tomorrow for more b/w and u/s cd 12 and hoping to find out more about how many follicles there were on Saturday when I was in......I figure we will be doin 3rd IUI on Wednesday.....don't they say three times is a charm? Wishing everyone well and lots of baby dust to everyone.....


Lee - December 12

Bethany-that is exactly what they say. My fingers are crossed for you.


isa - December 12

Good Lucky Bethany with you u/s, b/w tomorrow. Af didnt show up yet so I wont be able to do any iui's before the clinic closes on the 23rd so it will have to be another natural cycle. Hopefully my next cycle whenever she starts will allow me to ovulate. cd 29 and counting.Lee thanks for your vote of confidence. Toni how'd you make out this weekend?


Toni - December 12

Hey guys. I was getting better and then the bleeding started again last night. Seems like it's tapering off now. I go in for a very detailed sono today at one, so with me lots of baby glue!! Friday we heard the heartbeat and the nurse said all is well and not to worry. But of course that is all I do. Did not go to work today. Maybe tomorrow. Isa I hope you can just relax and enjoy the holidays. Everyone done with their shopping? :) More later!!


isa - December 12

tons of glue for you. I'm sure all will be just fine. Take as many days off as you need for this precious little baby. We are here for you. Keep us posted on how you're doing.


Toni - December 12

Just got back from my sono and everything looked great! They could see no reason for my bleeding on the sono. Went by my dr's and the nurse said not to worry at all. Too late for that! But I do feel better. I have had 4 sonos in a week!! I am going to miss not having one every few days. Isa do you still feel like af is coming?


Becky - December 13

Hello.. Toni sending lots of gule.. How far are you.. I am on 12dpiui.. Test day is wed. I don't feel pg did anyone know that they were pg b/f taking the test.. This was my last month of trying.. Bethany hope you have great follicles.. Isa I hope your af comes for you.. Lee is your dd getting execited for Chrismas. Mine is. Everyone when she gets up she says mom is it Chrismas yet is Jesus born yet.. I laugh and try to tell her that jesus was already born.. When I say prays with her she Prays for a baby sister.. I feel bad.. I try to explain to her but you can only explain so much to a 4year old.. Baby dust to all...


Becky - December 13

Sorry for the spelling errors on last post I am so tierd.. I ment every morning when my dd gets up she ask me about Christmas.


Lee - December 13

Hey Becky-Yes, DD is in the holiday spirit, big time. We use that naughty or nice thing on her a LOT, it works wonders, as does the "you better stay in bed and practice for Christmas Eve" routine. We are enjoying this season much more than last year and getting our hopes up that a year from now will be a celebration of many months with a new dd. Good luck, don't worry about symptoms, just wait and that BFP is waiting for you! Will be watching Wednesday.


Becky - December 13

THANKS LEE.. I have been in the dumps lately. I know so many people that are having babys.. That it makes me so sad.. I try to forget about it but that is so hard to do..


Bethany - December 13

Well I was disappointed today when they said that only one follicle was of size and had me do the ovidril tonight for IUI Wednesday morning.......just seems like less of a chance....last month there were four and we did not get pg so not feeling very hopeful right now......I know it only takes one but I am really getting down about this whole thing. We can only do four months of IUI (recommended #) before moving on to iVF or adoption......I am having a hard time dealing with the range of emotions that goes with this......I have always wanted to be a mom, and it seems like it is not meant to be.....I am going to try to refocus in the next day or so and get back on track......hoping for a late christmas present......will be able to test on the 28th of is even more diffcult because our families and most of our friends do not know, just a very select few and I struggle with the decision to tell them or not.....well here's hoping I get out of the hole I am in emotionally......thanks for your support everyone - I am glad I found this website......


Edy - December 13

Bethany- Everthing is going to be fine. I had 4 Follicles the month I was on Clomid and nothing. We had 1st IUI this month and had 2 mature and then a 3rd slightly mature and I am pregnant with Twins. My 3rd little butter bean didn't make it, but that is okay. WE have been soooo blessed. It will happen. It is still hard to grasp that I am pregnant. God will bless you in his time. I know that sound so easy for me to say now that I am pregnant, but I said it before and during IUI. Just try to relax for Wed. everything will go great. Becky- I didn't feel pregnany the morning I tested(12dpiui) my boobs hurt a little more than usual and It was a very faint line. I was praying for a BFP that day but thought I would see and BFN. It is a wonderful feeling. I will be praying for you WED. You are not testing before then right? Toni- I glad your sono went well. Try to rest and take it easy. We saw the Heart beats for the 1st time today. It was so wonderful!!!! My b/w looks good HCG-97,000 so they said no more levels. WOO HOO!!!! Isa- Maybe you will get that BFP on your natural cycle!! Lee- I hope you can hang another stocking up next year!! Hope everyone had a good day. All of you will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!!


isa - December 13

Toni So glad all went well. You're going to have sono withdrawl haha. No longer feel af cramps so I have no idea what is going on. I am tempted to call clinic and just tell them what has happened this month and see what their thoughts are. Temp this am is 97.1 (and thats the high for this month) so I know for sure I cant be pregnant. Bethany, my clinic ususally says to re-evaluate after 3-4 iui's but as long as dh is producing ok numbers and I am producing eggs they said I could do more without having to go to ivf. The nurse said if there is no chance in my casae he will not just take our money and he has stopped people. The stats I read said more than 6 doesnt give you any more odds of getting pg. I figure each month we are changing somthing slightly so as long as I have dh #'s, eggs and a slightly different pattern to try I am sticking to the iui's.


isa - December 13

Edy -love those hcg numbers wow, twins :)
Becky holding positive thoughts and prayers for a bfp for Wed. Lee wow can you imagine 2 girls next xmas how about that. I'd be so excited I think I'd be buying tons of little girl xmas stuff on sale after xmas.


Lola - December 13

Hello Ladies! Sorry I haven't posted in a while... Not much going on, well actually plenty has been going on but all family stuff. Just recently found out that my grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer and I've been worried about that and worried about the everything else that comes from being pregnant. I'm about 7 weeks and I'm going in for my first real sono tomorrow, can't wait for that. Maybe after tomorrow I can relax a bit more. The weird thing is, is that I don't feel pregnant, I mean except for sore breast I don't feel anything. I haven't been sick with morning sickness or anything. Everyone tells me to count my blessings but you can't help but wonder. Becky- Hang in there, just a couple of days left! I didn't feel or think I was pregnant , in fact, I started spotting and thought for sure that af was on her way. Edy- TWINS! that is great! wow what a blessing. Toni- Glad everything is okay, I can't imaging how stress out you must of been but now you can relax.



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