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Tonya1 - September 13

hey Isa, my nuchal is tomorrow....i'm not sure how long the results take to come in....i'm hoping i will find out something tomorrow....that's good that you are o'ing're not long away from starting the is everyone else doing?


tibby - September 13

farooq, No I have never been pregnant. I have a new doctor now and just uped my dosage to 100mg so I'm going to do two timed bding adn then I will go to IUI. And with the 100mg of clomid I went in on cd11 had a u/s and I had mature follicles so they did give me the trigger shot.


Toni - September 13

Hey guys, I think we need a new thread! Tonya I think her heart rate was always around 150. I ended up renting a doppler at home and I loved it! Belly Beats. Anytime I was having a "slow day" I could check it myself. But I waited until I was pretty far along so I could find it easily. I guess I used it for 3 months. Jillian is doing great. Sleeping all night (8-7) but not a good nap taker at all. Oh well I guess you can't have it all sometimes! Isa I need to read more of your posts. Sounds like you are moving along. Amanda I am happy you are doing well.


Toni - September 13

Tonya, I don't think the heart rate has anything to do with the sex. Same about the way you carry. Are you going to find out with a sono? Hope your test goes well. I know it's always a little scarey. Thankfully they usually turn out fine. Or in my case, the 2nd test does! I always seemed to have to go further.


Becky - September 14

Hello. I have my bronchis back so not feeling really well. I would be happy if I would stop getting sick. I have a weak immune system. So many people around me have been sick that I keep getting stuff. Maybe I should be put in a bubble.. LOL. I should be getting af soon. Last month my af started on the 12th. Farooq I have PCOS with insulin resistance. I tried clomid for 8 rounds I did get pg 1x and mc at 8 weeks. I was on 150mg. I also did 2 rounds of famara.


isa - September 14

ok Gals I 'll start the new thread again same title Part 12


farooq - September 14

tibby so they gave you the trigger shot because you had a big follicle so it must have dropped so you ovulated then they tell you to go home and have sex but you didnt get prgnant did your dr tell you why because everything was done on time so how cum it didnt work please explain in detail so i can understand more because my dr is going to give me clomid in october so if i ovulate i want him to give me the trigger shot that month so can you explain why it didnt work thank you how is every one else


farooq - September 14

Becky clomid and famara both didnt work for you so what did you do after that i havent started either of them yet but i want to know what you did please



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