New Clomid User-I have a couple questions?!?!
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TTC #1 - January 15

I am currently on day 3 of 7 on Prometrium to induce AF (I have not ovulated or had af on my own since coming off the pill in August). On day CD5 I start taking the clomid 50mg. I have to take the Prometrium before bed because it knocks me out....If I take the clomid before bed should I start it on CD4 since I generally go to bed around 11pm? Or wait until CD5 late at night? Or is that not a big deal? Also, when should I expect ovulation? The doctor told me to BD at least everyother day after I take the last pill. Then I am to go in on CD21 for blood tests to make sure I did in fact ovulate. Anyone who's gone thru this who can offer any advice or share some knowledge with me would be a big help! Thanks ladies.


Ann - January 15

TTC #1, it shouldn't matter too much when you start taking the clomid. Drs most commonly prescribe it on cd 3-7, 4-8, and 5-9. Personally, I would take it on the night of your 4th day. If you are going to O, it should be on average cd 14, but lots of people O early or late. Just watch your cm and/or take opks to tell on your own if you O (if you don't want to wait for the blood test), since you are not being monitored by ultrasound at your dr. Hope this helps. I am on clomid too and ttc for #1 as well. I like to take the clomid at night, because it upsets my stomach. I haven't experienced any other side effects. I hope it works out for you and good luck!


TTC #1 - January 15

Thanks Ann. I think that's what I'll do, take it at night on the 4th day. I ordered a bunch of OPKs so hopefully they are easy to read. I've used them before, but since I haven't ovulated I've never seen a second line. My doctor thinks I will be able to get preg. easily. I hope she's right and I think that's why I am not being monitored at all besides the cd21 blood draw. Hopefully it will happen within a couple months. We've been sort of ttc since aug. Thanks for the advice.



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