New clomid question
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Freckles - April 12

I took clomid day 5-9 for the first time I only just started temping could I have already ovulated on the 8th, I noticed I had alot of watery c/m that day also on the 9th. My bbt has been pretty much the same since the 5th on the 9th it went up a degree and now its down three degrees.
Anyone have any ideas on this?


Katherine79 - April 12

I don't think you would have ovulated already. I think my doc said it takes 5 to 7 days after your last pill to ovulate and I have heard that your temp can go up and down. Just keep temping and maybe use the ovuation tests after your last pill. I also have a question if anyone knows. If you take Clomid on cd 5-9 and want to take it at night would you start on the night of day 4 or day 5?


Tracy88 - April 12

Katherine that's a good question. I started it on the night of day 5, but now I'm not so sure that was the right way to do it. I'll ask when I go in to my appointment today at 2:00 and get back to you. Freckles, try not to analyze your temps until late in the month, or even at all right now. You need to do it for a couple months, really, so you can start to see patterns in your temps throughout the months. Looking at it from a daily standpoint will drive you nuts. It's really good to watch it to see when you ovulate and if your temps stay up in the luteal phase but, use an OPK and that will also help you chart when you ovulate. On clomid I would start the OPK on day 10 and I usually got an LH surge on day 13 or 14. If I were temping alone, I would have lost my mind with the erratic nature of it all. Good luck.


Freckles - April 12

Its driving me nuts.. Im always trying to figure out my bbt and I only JUST started it a week ago. I know that I shouldnt bother trying to figure it out for a few weeks BUT its SOOO hard not to!!


Tracy88 - April 13

Had my appointment yesterday and asked the doctor which day to start clomid if you take it at night and he said to take it the night of day5 if you are on a days 5-9 cycle. Freckles, don't go nuts on us here. It will all make sense in the long run. Sometimes you just have to chart, don't think about it, then look back on it . If you do the ovulation predictor kits you will see when you ovulate and be able to compare it to the info you get from your BBT. Good luck!



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