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confused - September 16

I was suppost to start my period in between the 12-15 and still no period? but i dont know what to do I took a test yesterday but it was just a cheap family dollar test . It said no and today still no period? maybe do I need to get an expensive test or should I just wait and see what happen in the next cupple of days ? I 'm really not good with this so anyone please help


Nans - September 16

I guess you have to wait for a couple more days to a week to get a more accurate results..inexpensive HPT works so maybe your hormones are still building up...


confused - September 16

this may be stupid but what does hpt stand for?


Marie - September 16

Home Pregnancy Test. I'm confused on what dh stands for


Michelle - September 16

dh= dear/darling husband
dd= dear daughter, etc.



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