never positive opk
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trinadan - April 24

i used opk's for 2 months and i tested twice a day from about CD 5 to about CD 16 and never got a positive... i don't know what to think,, am i just not ovulating or is it possible to just never show up positive, but still ovulate....


trinadan - April 24

and my cylces are about 27-32 days


wannabeamom - April 24

hi trinadan, are you taking any fertlity drugs or are you inthe beginning of ttc? I woul dtry to test for a little longer in your cycle. It could be possible you ovuolate later. There is always a possibility you are not ovulating, like me. I have to take clomid. I also take prometrium, pill form of progesterone. My levels are very low without it. Your cycles seem pretty normal. Where on you now as far as CD's? I would try one more cycle and keep using OPK longer. A lot of the women here also BBT and have had success. Let us know how things work out for you.


trinadan - April 24

i am not on fertility drugs... i am only in my 3rd month ttc...i am on CD 26 right now.. i was charting using CM also... and i had EWCM from about the 9th - 12th.. so i was assuming i have ovulated but i have read that you can still have EWCM and not ovulate...


wannabeamom - April 24

hmmmm, I would still try on more cycle and if nothing happens then call your doctor for testing. I wasn't smart and didn't use any OPK or BBT. 3 years went by and no pregnancy. Finally went to doctor. By doing what you are doing this will help you find out if there are any issues. I hope I helped you some. GL


kelley32 - April 24

I never got a + OPK, but thankfully was charting my BBT so was able to determine ovulation that way, as well as monitoring CM.


Sweetpea - April 24

Trinadan-I'd try to test later. You might be ovulating around day 18 or 19



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