NEGATIVE, yet again!
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shan - March 18

Hey gals just to inform you, i went for a HCG blood test yesterday....and you guessed it, NEGATIVE! I was sooo upset, but i guess there is nothing i can do about it, keep trying.


jb - March 18

hi babe im with u too, went 4 scan and havent even ovulated so i stand no chance im on day 23 and having period pains.....this sucks xxx


Amanda - March 18

Sorry, But your right keep your head up and keep trying


shan - March 18

jb, im sorry, this is the worst, isn't it? are they going to up your dose of clomid? Better luck for the both of us next time, i hope, i hope!!!!! Wonder how michelle is doing? Michelle..are you there?


Renee - March 18

I took a home test today (day 27, first round Clomid). I just couldn't wait any longer. According to what my doctor said, my period should start tomorrow. It was negative :(


luna - March 18

do you count from first day of bleeding as day one or do you count from day after your period finnished as day one. If you count from first day of bleed then I am 29days but if you count day one as after bleed then I am 24days. I'm feeling tired all the time and my boobs hurt and I've had slight cramps but not pains. I've got a test but I'm trying to wait till Monday morning to do it.


michelle - March 19

hi shan, jb, renee....
sorry to hear that shan,keep trying..
i also done pt yesterday!! jb talked me into it ha ha, is still a bit early as day 25 yesterday but it was negative. one dark red line and one very very faint line underneath which i probably imagined!!!
had period pains all day yesterday and woke this morning with cripperling pains.... not sure what this could be,perhaps a period (a bad one) on its way, i hope not...
looks like its not our month gals!!! 2nd cycle's are more likely to work and we will all have xmas babys..
fingers crossed for all!!!


michelle - March 19

luna- day 1 is the day you start period, how long are your cycles normally? are you on first cycle of clomid?
you sound pretty pregnant to me, do a test, fingers crossed x


michelle - March 19

renee- soz i forgot to say sorry to hear your neg...
baby dust to all******** dust******* dust***** xxxxxx


jb - March 19

Look on the bright side we are all due on in a few days so as soon as those shitty periods come the quicker we pop clomid pills aagin....still hope 4 a xmas baby yet haha xx Shan it is the worst thing eva but im getting use to it now as i imagine most of u are.....thing is we WONT QUIT!!!!! No period is gonna put me off haha xx


luna - March 19

Michelle my cycles are usually 28 days to the dot. It was my first try on clomid I had an ecptopic jan 03 and lost tube been trying since then but no joy. Then in feb this yr told I had pcos so I did my first round of clomid and I'm also taking metformin 1500mg. My period should have started on tuesday 15 march. I've had a few cramps but nothing like my normal period.


amy - March 19

hi Shan..I too went for hcg blood test yesterday and NEGATIVE it was..I feel your dissapointment and am right there w/ you. Had a m/c last month. I feel my dreams are shattered, but I have to keep trying. This is a true test of patience and it SUCKS!!!! Wish you all the luck in the world! Hope we have BFP to share soon!!!!!


sandy - March 19

negative again ! i am fedup


michelle - March 20

sorry to hear your negatives ladies..
luna you really should do a test now you've missed your period..
i'm still having my pains but no blood, day 27, one very faint positive and one BFN...
2 more days til i'm due on or can go to the doctor for blood test..
i just can't understand why i'm having a period with no blood, (thats how it feels) xxx


luna - March 20

Michelle I feel the same slight cramps like period but not like period if you get wot I mean. Did a test this morning at 6 I waiteded for wot I thought was 3 mins and all I saw was neg. My bf just found test and looked at it and asked wot dose 2 pink lines mean, I said it means posative but I said mine only had one. He came in laughing he said if this was my test then there is def 2 pink lines I looked and could not beleave it. I stiill don't so I'm going to docs tomorrow to get it confirmed. I can't beleave that after 2yrs I could be pg. Also this was my first time on clomid. I will send all you ladies my spare baby dust **************************
my dust will let you know wot doc says .GOODLUCK!!!!!!!!!


michelle - March 21

luna, i've just replyed to your other one... so you have missed your period by4 days if i've calculated right??
let us know how docs goes, i think you are def pregnant!!!!
the pains i'm getting are period periods are normally really light with about 3 cramps on day that i will come on .. that is all i get, but this is horrible, they are near enough constant all day with a few cripperling ones that make me suddenly bend over grab my belly,, yesterday when i got out my car i had a huge stabbing pain low in my right...( scan showed i had follicles on left side)
shan how are you doing? i know you got a negative but have you had a period yet? was it on time??
thanks for help and support gals xxx



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