negative pg test after hCG and clomid
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Kat - July 6

Today will be 4 days after af should have visited. I have gone through two cycles of Clomid and this cycle also did the hCG shot and took estrogen and progesteron supplements. After getting negative pregnancy test results, when will I have af. I am worried that something is wrong with me.


Kelly - July 6

Have you stopped taking your progesterone supplements. That will prolong you from getting af. Once you stop you should get af within a couple days. I stopped last night and got af today...


Drew - July 6

How do the hcg shots work? Does the progesterone cream work just as well as the supplements? So many qustions, so few answers!!! lol


Lena - July 7

One 100 unit (10cc) shot of hCG is given to trigger ovulation within 24-36 hours. Its metabolized by your body completely within a week.


Nena - July 7

Because i am very irregular I have to take tablets to induce my periods. Ok ma last period was 31 May, I took HCG shots to induce ovulation and I did ovulated on 18 June, I started progesterone tablets for 10 days 2x1 from 21 June to 30 June. I started having brown discharge only (not even to fill a pad) on 2, 3 and 4 July than it stopped. I went to my gyno and they checked with ultrasound and no pregnancy detected but they said it's too early to be seen in u/s. They suggested for me to do a blood test which came up negative (1.7 level for pregnancy should be beyond 5). I called doctor and told about beta HCG result and he said that you are not pregnant but he also told me to wait for few fays more, honestly I don't know why I should wait because the blood tests are 100% accurate. Anyway, tomorrow i have to go and see what they say. ------------- Kat, sorry for being so long but I know how you feel so I wanted to explain more. Baby dust to you and hope everything goes well. ;o)


Kat - July 7

Thanks for all of the responses... I did stop the progesterone after I had contacted my doctor and af came this morning.
I have used progesterone shots, cremes, and pills. They were all prescribed through different treatments...Egg retrieval, IVF, pregnancy which ended in MC, frozen embryo transplant... I don't know that any one method is more effective... I trust my doctor so I assume that he prescribes whatever is appropriate for the particular situation. We will be starting over after the doc checks for cysts and gives me the OK! Best of luck to you all!! LOL Kat



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