negative ovulation test???
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Lisa - June 16

Hi I bought a bunch of ovulation tests and should ovulate this weekend I took one yesterday and there was no line at all where the LH hormone should show so it was negative but I thought that hormone was always in your system but not as strong until you ovulate so there should always be a line there just not as dark as the test line??? I am really confused andy advice would really help Thanks!!


Lisa - June 16

anyone Please Help!!!


L - June 16

Hey! No, not always - sometimes there is a REALLY faint line and sometimes not - don't stress! Just know that when it's positive, the test line will DEFINETLY be as dark or darker than the control line. And remember not to use your FMU. Good luck!!


Jackie - June 16

Ya know, I always had problems reading those sticks too and got really frustrated. I finally went on EBay and bought a brand new fertility monitor for $75 and also included a box of sticks with it. Totally worth it! It takes all the stress and guesswork out of it and now I know exactly when I ovulate. Good luck!


Lisa - June 16



rach - June 17

how long before you ovulate does the line show up im am due to ovulate on sunday would it show up yet


Anne - June 18

Hopefully someone can help me with this. I just moved and threw away the instructions for my OPK. I used a stick this morning and I had two lines, one lighter than the other. Are they both supposed to be the same color? Should I test once per day or more? I have been ttc a couple of months and am now wondering if I am actually ovulating later than I thought I was, as I assumed if there were 2 lines (any shade), I was good to go, so to speak. Any advice would be apprectiated. Thanks!!



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