NEGATIVE OPK please advise
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Genna - September 28

I have reg af every 29 days, i've just started using opks this month and i'm not getting a positive. Could there be something wrong or am I just unlucky in testing ?I already have a child but i am ready for another.One last question do you get a positive opk just before you ovulate or the same day? I'm getting concerned there could be something is wrong any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Chicks - September 28

Hi Genna! Well, as far as I know, the OPK should turn positive 12-36 hours before you are set to ovulate. Second of all, how often are you testing? Are you testing once at the same time every day? The reason I ask that is that you may be missing your surge.. Some surges don't last a full 24 hours, maybe sometimes 12 hours. So, if you test after you get home from work everyday, then you could have possibly had a surge in between that 24 hour time period which obviously would not have been detected on the OPK as the surge would have been over. Or, your urine could be watered down, or you could just O a little later than usual and you are having a short luteal phase (the time from O until your period is due) which is fixable by meds but because you're thinking that you O on day 15, you're only testing on or around that time so you may be missing it. I recommend taking BBT so you can use the two methods together in determining if you O. You will see a temperature hike the day that you O which should stay up until AF comes or you get a + preg test. If you temperature stays high for 18 consecutive days, then you can be pretty sure that you're preggo.. Hope this helps at all, and sorry it's so long, there's a lot to this TTC stuff! LOL! If you have any more questions, let me know.. Otherwise, good luck and baby dust to you!


me - September 29

I am in the same boat. I have used both the BBT and OPKs. I never got an elevated rise in my temp, nor did I ever get a positive on my OPK. If you experience this too, unfortunately it shows that we are not ovulating. I have a n appt to go to an RE in October. Hope this helps! Good luck to both of us ! :)


GENNA - September 29

Thank girls, i've been testing from day 9 onwards so i don't miss it .It's now day 16 so i'll keep using opks and next month try temperature. I've only been testing after work normally 4pm so yes could have missed it and it could be watered down a bit. Thanks all.


Melissa - October 1

For 4 months I was charting BBT & never seeing a consistent rise in temps. Sometimes I wouldn't get a positive opk & sometimes I would & then my temps wouldn't rise like they should have. My doctor had me take a progesterone test at the end of my cycle & I just found out that it is low, so I will be starting prometrium to fix that. I would suggest charting your temps & use OPK's together---you & your doctor will get a clearer picture of what's going on.



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