Negative OPK, but still ovulated??
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Hopeful - August 31

Has anyone using OPK's not gotten a positive strip but ended up still ovulating? Is it possible to not get a positive result but still have actually ovulated??


D. - August 31

A positive OPK means you will O anywhere from 12-48 hours later. Most of us will ovulate 36 hours later. But think on this scenario:

Let's say you test once a day, every day at noon. You tested yesterday around noon and got a negative. But let's say your surge started around 5PM. If you had tested again around 8PM, you would have seen your positive. But you didn't test again until noon today. By that time, you had 19 hours between when the surge started and when you tested again. Your test would show a negative more than likely, and you would think that you had yet to O, when the truth is that it was right on top of you. You may have already O'd if you O'd in 12 hours after the surge. Or you could be O'ing in a few more hours, but you are depending on that OPK but it won't ever give you that positive. Does that make sense? I test with cheapo OPKs from babywishes around noon. And I test again with Clearblue OPKs around 8PM. The cheapos make it a lot less expensive to test twice a day. But that way I know exactly what is going on. ANd I also track CM and CP to make doubly sure.

Hope some of this helps!


Hopeful - August 31

That does make sense... I guess I never thought of that. Well, let's hope you're right and it's not that I just didn't O at all.. Thanks for the help!! :)


Cendy - September 1

Hopeful, I have been using OPKs for the past two months and this month I kept getting a negative when testing in the afternoon and at night. So when I started to have the O pains I decided to check first thing the next morning. And I got a positive. I was shocked because I have heard you O later in the day. Had I waited to test the next day in the evening I would never have caught my surge. Answer brand has a new 20ct OPK kit and it gives you well enough tests to test 2-3 times a day. I suggest you get those next cycle and test more than once a day. Every womens body is not the same and you may be like me and have the surge in the am. I hope this helps.


Hopeful - September 1

It does help., thanks. It's nice to hear these things. It makes me feel better.... :)

Good luch to us all!



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