Negative HPT but still no period
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Jay - January 26

I am on cycle day 33 and 16 dpo; I tested 15 dpo and it was negative. Is it possible that I could still be pregnant? My longest cycle ever was 33 days, my shortest 27 days and I average 30 days. I don't want to waste money on pg test. Has this happened to anyone and they were pg?


hopeful06 - January 27

I've had negative results even though I was late, but I found out I wasn't ovulating, so I guess that doesn't apply!! But--you might want to check your local dollar store. I found that mine stocks HPTs!! I wish you the best!!


Daisey03 - January 27

This sounds like what happened to me this cycle! Exactly! My longest cycle ever was 33 days, my shortest 28 and I averaged 31 days. I would say wait until you are at least 1 week past your latest cycle date (33). I ended up taking 3 pt (all BFN)....I drove myself crazy! I ended up getting AF on cycle date 39!! So now I don't know where to start this cycle!! I know it's hard to wait because you are anxious but try will preserve your feelings if you end up not being pg. Good Luck to you! I'll be sending baby wishes your way!


Tracy - January 27

I have regular 28 day cycles and last month I got AF on cd34!!!!! Granted I was on clomid, but I ovulated on cd 15 so I didn't think it would ever be that late. I had tested five times before AF showed and of course all BFN. I would definitely wait to test too, because BFN's are worse than AF showing on your emotions sometimes. Good luck!


Jay - January 27

Thank you all for responding but I think I got my answer. I'm having AF cramps which means my cycle wll start today.



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