negative blood test, still no AF
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tryingat40 - June 17

It's been 18 days since my iui, the blood test was negative yesterday yet AF still hasn't arrived. My hcg level was exactly 5....I had been given a 2nd hcg shot one week after the iui to help the body support a pregnancy. If I'm not pregnant, where's AF?


Lena - June 18

I have my masters degree in equine reproduction so I can only speak from my experience with horses. We use hCG regularly in horses and for the same reasons its used in humans. In my experiences, hCG given 5 days after ovulation can trigger another follicle to ovulate. This would have been an immature follicle at the time of the original hCG injection that ripened and responded to the second injection. If this did happen, than progesterone produced by the second CL would delay your cycle by approx 5 days.



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