Negative Blood test, but pregnant?
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tryingat40 - April 28

AF is almost one week late....tomorrow
will make 1 week. Around the time she was due I felt mild cramps, but she never showed. Had intercourse the day of the lh surge and three days after. I felt lightheaded during aerobic exercise yesterday morning. HPt's were negative, and so was the qualitative blood test.
I've never, ever missed a period in my life.
Could it still be too soon for the blood test? Anyone ever have negative blood testbut you were actually pregnant? Help!


shannonb - April 28

same thing is happening to me. The doctor made me do a second blood test and it was also negative. She thinks I might have a cyst which would explain the cramping with no period. Anyways, good luck to you. If you still don't have your period in a week, I would get another test.


Melissa - April 28

I had never missed a period until last month either. I went in and had blood test - thought it might be too early so gave it another week then had another blood test. Both were -. So, my doctor did some blood work ups and all was normal, so she sent me in for a pevlic u/s and found a cyst. Good luck to you.



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