negative blood test, 4 weeks late
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W - October 8

my period is 4 weeks late, my breasts are sore and my nipples are very sensitive, I've been sick and exhausted, but all my tests have come back negative, including the beta hcg. So is it still posible for me to be pregnant. They checked my thyroid and prolactin, what else could it be? I've always had a very regular period, but I did miscarry 3 months ago, it only took and extra week for my peiod to come back, so i thought this one would be on time (I'm four weeks late from the last af, so I already figured in the extra week from then) Any ideas of what else might be wrong, or any encouraging stories of negative blood tests when you were really pregnant? anything would help, please answer?


Anna - October 9

Sweetie, you sound like me and I'm pregnant right now! I was positive I was pregnant, but the hCG level came back negative and my md said my exam was negative, too. It wasn't until I was about 8 1/2 weeks past my LMP that that I finally found out I was pregnant. I kept getting mild abdominal cramping, sore nipples, and then nausea and appetite changes later on. I randomly took an HPT (expecting it to be negative) and it came up positive! Imagine my surprise! It's not uncommon for a woman to get a negative hCG level in early pregnany, because the hCG isn't high enough to show up yet. Are your s/s normal for you for before you start your af? The sore nipples were a red flag for me, because I had never gotten sore nipples in my life. Compare your s/s to what you normally get and see what's really out of the ordinary for you. Give it some time and start taking normal pregnancy precautions and prenatals. After a week or so, try another HPT. If it's negative, try again in another week or so. I would suggest using first response early tests. Good luck sweetie and I hope you are pregnant!


W - October 10

pardon my ignorance, but what is s/s?
Also Do you know anything about medication they would give you to start your period, they say I can take it to get me to ovulate, I think its just progesterone, but I'm not sure, I guess I will not do that and just wait a few more weeks and test again, I have been taking all the pregnancy precaustions for nine months now, so I don't need to change anything there. Thanks for the hope, Did they do a Beta hcg blood test for you, and that came up negative also (less than 2) I haven't had an exam, do think that that might help, I would be just 8 weeks now if I am pregnant.
Thanks for your input and congratulations on being pregnant, That makes me happy to hear


Anna - October 11

s/s means signs/symptoms. The medication your talking about is Provera. It is a Progesterone pill that when taken for 7 or 10 days, should cause the lining of your uterus to shed-thus a period. I had to take it back in July to jump start my periods and get my body back to ovulating. It may not work for everyone, though. The test I had was a beta hCG. It came back less than 2, even though it was at least several weeks after conception. It's not an uncommon thing according to some research I did. If you are eight weeks along, your uterus and cervix should have changed enough that an md could tell. I learned that you need to listen to what your body is telling you! Doctors can often be wrong, because they don't look or listen beyond a test result. If you really feel that something is up, don't take any medicine! Request another blood test and if negative, ask for a sonogram to confirm a negative result. If your getting unusual s/s that you normally don't have and your pretty regular the rest of the time, you may very well be pregnant. I just want to caution other women out there, because my md only cared about the negative test results and didn't listen to anything else. He diagnosed me as not ovulating, but didn't do any diagnostic tests to confirm this. He was getting ready to start me on Provera and fertility drugs that very likely could have caused me to miscarry my baby at eight weeks. So I try to look out for other women who may be in the same predicament as I was. Good luck and let me know what happens, ok? **baby dust** to you!!


W - October 11

Thank you so much, I feel that my doctors just don't care about anything other than the test result, I do feel like something is up, my boobs have only gotten sore I think one time when it was time for af, my stomach does feel really weird, but I'm not sure if it is just because I just want it so bad. I definatly have to pee more often, i've never woken in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom except when i was pregnant before (I miscarried) and I have had to again, and I've been hungrier than normal, I haven't gained any weight yet, because I was real sick about the time I would have concieved and I lost a few pounds, but I have gotten back to my normal weight quicker than I did once in the past when I had gotten sick and lost a few pounds, then it took months for me to regain the weight, this time it only took me a few weeks after I got better and was able to eat again.
It just makes it really hard when I have a feeling and I want some reassurance from my doctors and I'm not getting any, it makes me really disheartened, when the doctor (who wasn't even the one who had seen me and only saw that negative test result) told me that I was just not ovulating I cried, my poor dh. Well thank you for the reassurance, it really helps. Sorry about the long blog. Keep me up to date about how everything is going with you. Thanks again


Krista - October 12

i'm going through the same thing. i'm on cd 78 and i'm not pg. i'm going to the dr on friday morning! yeah! i hope she starts me on provera so i can finally have my af. i've been feeling so off since i've been late. i'm hoping my only problem is not ovulating. i tested again today just incase because i just started getting sore nipples and breaking out bad with light cramping. its nice to hear that there are others out there going through the same thing. its nice to have someone to talk to about it. i'm hoping my dr will start me on clomid very soon. Anna how long did it take for you to get tests done so you could start clomid???


Anna - October 13

Krista, I never actually started Clomid or had any tests done. My DH and I had been ttc since May-not long enough to start on fertility drugs. My, now previous, md was just trying to do a quick fix and not really look into the problem. I really was ovulating and am now pregnant. Thank goodness I found out before starting those meds! I didn't find out I was pregnant until about 60 days after my last af. Your s/s sound just like mine. I had mild cramping, breakouts, and sore nipples. But I would think that a test would be positive at this point if you were pregnant. But then again..... How long have you been ttc? Have you already taken Provera to jump start your normal cycles? It only took one round of Provera for 7 days to get my normal ovulating cycle back. It's worth a try. But watch out for those mood swings with that med! Good luck!


Krista - October 13

hi Anna, we've been trying since May too. i had to more regular periods the two months after i went off bc then after July it never came back. i havent taken provera yet because my first ob/gyn visit will be on friday. my normal dr i see referred me to this new dr since i'm not having af. my dr seems to understand my ergency in this and i'm hoping my new one will too. i'm young, 23 (24 next month), but dh is 34 which isnt old but he doesnt want to be too old when our kids graduate. so we're both in a hurry. but i'm not expecting anything real quick since that just doesnt seem to be the way the drs work. i hate that too because i'm so impatient. i just took a hpt tonight to make sure and it was still neg. i'm sure i'm not pg. it seems to be pretty rare that happens like it did to you. you had to be surprised beyond your wildest dreams! i was sure hoping when i took that test tonight! i'm hoping provera will work and i dont have to deal with clomid but either way i hope to be pg soon! i'm trying to keep positive now because lately i've been so negative about this all. i'm just trying to put in all in God's hands and see where He takes me. its hard to wait though i have to say. how far are you now??? how late was your af before you finally got a +++??? today i had increased cm, sore nipples and nausea. i was almost convinced i had to be pg. at least my appt is finally close. i made this appt a month ago!


W - October 14

AF came =( Too bad, I guess i really did just miss a cycle, but at least it came on its own w/out meds, I have hope for the future, thanks for all the hope you gave me, it helped to make it not as hard to accept when I found out,
Thanks so much Anna


Krista - October 15

i went to the dr today and she prescribed me clomid!!! i'm so excited! my chart looks like i may have o'd on the 7th so we're going to see if i get af on my own. she didnt blood tests to see if my progesterone is up or not and then if not she'll put me on provera then i'll start clomid. my visit went so much smoother than i had thought it was going to go. even though we just started trying in may she wanted to put me on clomid because i havent had a period since july and even if i did ovulate a few days ago its too infrequent to be effective. i'm so happy now i can move on and start the next step very soon. sorry about your af W, hopefully this next cycle you'll get pg. do you normally have regular cycles or are they always long???


krista - October 21

i got my results today from my dr and i did O on the 7th!!! af is slowly starting today so i will start clomid in a couple days! i'm so excited!



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