Neg OPK, no rise in temp, but pregnant?
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wondering - October 2

Has any had negative OPKs with no rise in temp, but come out ovulating or pregnant? Just wondering.


Becca - October 2

If you have had no rise in temps and neg OPK and started tracking at the beginning of your cycle then it is probably that you have not ovulated. If you are late, take a hpt and if it comes out negative and you are more then 3 weeks late, see your doctor so they can check for thyroid problems or possible hormonal imbalances and for PCOS. Keep taking your temps and take your charts in with you so that you can show them your history, especially if you have done so in past months. If you do get your period but never had a rise in temps or + OPK you should also seek your doctors help. The good thing is if you are just having problems ovulating there are many meds that can help you do so. Hope this helps. BABY DUST!


wondering - October 2

thanks for your advice. I kind of figured I wasn't but I was hopeful that maybe there was a possibility. oh well. I have an RE app t Oct 10. Thanks for your help!


Becca - October 2

I am seeing an RE because I have PCOS and was not ovulating. I have been TTC for 4 years seeing an RE for 7 months. I get my blood test for my 1st IUI tomorrow. BABY DUST


wondering - October 3

Best of luck with your IUI! Keep me posted!


jcr - October 3

it depends when you took opk, I had maybe a .3 degree rise in my temp and didn't ovulate until day 25, so you may have...I also have pcos tried for 5 years and got pg naturally 2 days before my appointment with RE! But went thru the consultation and round of prometrium with no af before I had a +pg test!! Goodluck.



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