neg opk but temps show possible ovulation??
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Jamie - October 6

Ok ladies, need some input. I took clomid (100mg) days 5-9. I chart my temps and this past Sunday I had a dip followed by consecutive days of higher temps. So it looks like I might have ovulated on Sunday. The only problem is that my opk for that day was a negative. I took the test that morning. Could the test be wrong? I usually cannot wait 4 hours before taking a test so I may have only waited 2 when I took it. I would like to think that I ovulated which by my temps I did but the opk being negative makes me wonder. Any insight?? Oh and I did have ewcm on Sunday as well.


bump - October 7



CJ - October 7

Last cycle I didn't ever get a +OPK and I O'd on CD14. I had very little
CM (due to the Clomid) but my temps show that I probably O'd on that day. So I think it's possible to miss your surge with the OPK's. If your temps stay up then you probably O'd. I have very little faith in OPK's!


Jamie - October 7

I don't trust them either... I am going to go by my other signs. I will be going on Monday for bloodwork to confirm if I o'd or not. Hopefully it will show that I did. How many mg's of clomid were you on? Are you still using clomid this cycle? Here is my chart - let me know what you think!


Silvie - October 7

Hi guys....I took Clomid(50mg) just once b/c I was not ovulating for years and was so desperate to get pregnant....I got preggo after the very first cycle of Clomid( and now I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant)...higher basal temperature was the first and most reliable thing indicating my ovulation. OPK can be misleading, and cervical mucus thickness(thinness) method didnt work for me either.
Good luck,hope U all get pregnant soon! Clomid is my little miracle pill!


Jamie - October 7

Thanks Silvie for the encouragement. This is my second round of clomid - hopefully we will get preg. this round!!



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