neg hpt neg blood test Is this for sure?
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maryp - July 25

I am 1 week late and I took 3 hpt test all at diff time of the day,, then a blood test (neg result) but still no period.. ttc 2 lst time preg test was postive I would say they are pretty accurate. what do you think, should I take another blood test somehow I don't believe I m not preg.. totally discourage after 3 cycles of clomid


MollieJo - July 25

I wish I had better news but unfortunately the blood test is pretty accurate. I know because I work in the lab and run them on a regular basis. How long having you been TTC? Are you seeing an RE? Try not to get discouraged (although I know it is difficult and I know how you feel). There are so many things that can be done for infertility now. It's so hard to stay positive everything we get a BFN. There have been times I've let my infertility run my life. The days have all become cycle days, temp and cm checks and OPK's. I just have to believe that things will eventually work out and the fact that I had to try so hard to be a mother will make me appreciate it more when it finally does happen even if I end up adopting. Don't let the infertility define you and know that things will work out and it is never like we plan it. Stay strong.


linds99 - July 25

MollieJo- That is some nice advice for maryp. This whole TTC thing does takeover your life in many aspects and is very non rewarding when you wrap up a cycle with BFN...and nothing to show for it. It is just not fair. However, MollieJo is right, stay strong and keep going, someday when you have a baby in your arms you will look back at all this bologna that we are going through and realize how truly a baby is a miracle.


maryp - July 25

thank you so much for the the support I need it.. I guess I'm stressing because it took long to decide to go on clomid with my first (baby boy now 23 months)but it worked on my 1st try.. who kneww it was going to take many tries and nothing yet.. the thing is that I'm also stressed out because of running after time since I just turned 40 in July and I wanted this to happen before July.. My husband says what's the diff a couple of months here and there... but now getting desperate ...



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