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Misty - January 18

I have been TTC for 2 yrs. And since everyone says "stop thinking about it" my new years resolution was to stop thinking. Well this week I found out my sister in law ans best friend -who were not trying - are pregnant and due in august. FEELING SO FRUSTRATERD!!! Just needed to vent.


Sally - January 18

Hi Misty, I to made the same new years resolution. Hubby and i have been trying for 15 months and on boxing day i was told that Hubbys' best friend and wife are pregnant and then my sister in law anounced she is to and due in sept. I know how you feel, my sis in law has been trying for 3 months and to be honest is not a nice person and everythong still falls in her lap! im trying to avoid everyone as they tell me "oh you should stop charting and thinking about it thats when it will happen!" yeah right no chance, but i have stopped cring everytime af arrives so thats one thing. Sorry i ventted a bit to. Baby dust to you x


bj - January 18

Hi Misty and Sally. Venting is ok. We all need to do that at some point. I know how you both feel. My sister-in-law announced that she is pregnant and due on Father's Day. That was like a punch in the gut. My husband and I just started our fourth year of trying. It is such an emotional roller coaster, isn't it? Imagine how wonderful it's going to be though when we hold our little miracles. That, and my faith, keeps me going. I don't how many times I've been told to just stop thinking about it. It really makes me just want to scream. LOL!! It is so frustrating when things seem to always go in favor of the people who aren't appreciative. It's hard to be happy for them sometimes. Well, this is OUR year!!! 2006. Good luck to you both!


Sally - January 18

Wow 4 years of trying how have you got through it???? i think it feels like the end of the world after 15 months LOL. Does it get easier? 6 months ago i wanted to cry everytime i saw a pregnant woman and now i dont, i used to cry everytime i got af but now i just expect it i thought i was coping better but when my sister in law told me her news i never thought i would stop crying, i never felt a apain like it. i have managed to avoid her but come september baby will be here i dont know how to cope with that. any words of wisdom???? i just keep thinking how i wouldnt cope with any of it if it wasnt for places like this and women like all of you. 2006 will be our year xxxxxx


misty - January 19

Thank you. It is good to know I have someone to talk to. It makes it a bit easier. It is hard to deal with but we will get through it :) *baby dust*


Janie - January 23

Hi Misty. I'm going through the same thing except it is my SISTER that is pg!! i'm so happy for her, but can't help feeling sorry for myself. It will happen for us one resolution is not to stress about it and stop thinking about it too - I was so worked up last month - I had never been like that before. This month I am taking it easy. I just keep thinking (although I don't want to do this), but there is always artificial!! I think that is what is keeping me sane...there IS a way...not the way we want, but that is a possibility and at this piont, I have no problem doing that. I have also been trying since Oct. 2003!!!!!!!!!!!! I know your frustrations. Hang in there!!!


bj - January 23

Hi, ladies. Sorry, I've been out of town for a few days. Yes, this is my 4th year of trying, and it is VERY long. I've had my days of just wanting to stay home and not be around anyone. There's actually been a lot of those. BUT, I've got to keep trying. It's something I want so bad. I can't wait to hear my little one call me "mommy." I've always dreamed of having a family, and I'm not gonna give up, though I've wanted to at times. To all of you still trying, hang in there. I've told my husband, "This child better not ever back talk me after all I'm going through for them." LOL!!! I have endometriosis and PCOS. I had a lap back in October and am now on shots (Lupron) to help control the endo. I go in for my 5th shot on Thursday. Hopefully, just one more after that and we can start trying again. How about everyone else? Where are you in all of this? I have faith for us all!



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