need suggestions urgently
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lovely - June 21

well ve being ttc,but so happy now but scared to test cos dont want a negative result,cos it might break cycle is normally 34 days but march my menses came 23 day of my cycle,was very confused but waited to see what happens april,but till now ve not seen it.wondering i m preg,no particular preg symptons.what do u think it might be


MelissaS - June 21

You haven't had af since April?


Justine - June 21

Lovely - If you haven't had a period since March you could well be pregnant. Do you have any symptoms at all? I'm pregnant now after 3 years ttc and IVF and if you're pregnant you should get white/yellow discharge every day, you're very tired in first trimester, some people get nausea and sore boobs though I didn't have either much. You need to take folic acid/prenatal vitamins if you are pregnant and certain foods are banned e.g. soft cheese, raw meat and fish, salad unless washed yourself so its important to know if you're pregnant. You should do a test (it is depressing if its negative but its so exciting when its positive) and then see a doctor. Hope you're pregnant. Good luck.


MelissaS - June 21

yes,had not seen my af since april


lovely - June 21

thanks justine,really didnt ve a particular sympton.will try n c a doctor,thinking of staying for more wks to c my tummy protrude cos dont think i can take d result negative.


Drew - June 21

Lovely, its important to see a doctor. If you are pregnant you do need pre-natal care. Please....see a doctor. Good luck! :)



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