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bethtwo - July 12

the problem is that my husband is in a lot of pain, and hardly can have sex, maybe once a month. any sex positions to not cause back and leg pain? also, is there a way to save sperm to use for 2-3 days instead of one day? sounds kind of crazy, but i'm up for anything. other than running off and having sex with another guy to get pregnant. :)


DB - July 12

Have you thought about IUI???


andy - July 12

pleeeease don´t do that !!!! I agree with BD you should think about IUI ... you should use an ovulation predictor test and talk to your doctor about doing the insemination ... this might work for you ... sorry to ask , but what does your DH has ???


bethtwo - July 13

he has RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy. it's a nerve disease that occurs after an injury, very rare, but happens. the worst part is that it causes pain in his entire leg, and then spread to his arm as well. no, we haven't thought about IUI, he already feels guilty enough about not being able to do much, it would be awful for him to feel that he couldn't even get his wife pregnant. i know that's how it is now, but that would actually be admitting it!


bethtwo - July 14

anyone else have any suggestions?


cspears99 - July 14

bethtwo I agree with the other ladies, IUI would be your best option?? at least its something to consider, it took my husband so long to agree to it, he felt embarressed and sad it wasn't happen, and they haven't found anything wrong with either one of us, so not we are here, anyway I wish you the best!!


slowpoke01 - July 14

i agree iui would be a good option for you that way the doc will monitor you and give you an hcg trigger shot on a certain day to make you ovulate and then your husband would give a sperm sample and they would wash it and put it right into your uterus and the chances of getting pregnant are higher than just having sex so this way he wouldnt have to have sex just have to give a sample on a certain day of the month also it isnt that expensive i paid 218.00 for iui last month but since i had to use a donor sperm it was 505.00 plus 218.00 so i hope that this helps you


bethtwo - July 14

thank you! we'll definitely look into that!



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