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heather3233 - October 20

I guess I feel like I'm on the outside of everyone I know. I'm the only one I know having problemes getting pregnant. I am taking Prometrium and clomid (soon) but nothing is happening. Anyone take these? How long before I can expect my period to start? (sorry, I'm not up on the the terms you guys use for things yet) :)


JenG - October 20

Are you in the middle of a Clomid cycle? What calendar day? I did for 2 months with not good results. Doing IVF in Nov.


heather3233 - October 20

Thanks for the reply. No I haven't started my Clomid yet. I have to wait because I still haven't gotten my period. Im on Prometrium now to try to help that. My doc put me on 100mg of Prometrium and 50mg of Clomid, both seem very low for what I have read. I hope the IVF works for you....


JenG - October 20

How long is he making you take Prometrium? When you stop the Prometrium is when your AF will begin the next cycle. Prometrium prohibits AF from coming and raises a certain hormone... when you stop the sudden change will cause AF. Then, you will (should) go in for a baseline to begin the next cycle. I was on 50mg... but I ovulate on my own... the Clomid was meant to boost my cycle.


Shawna1 - October 20

Heather come join us on the fertility journey thread. I think with all of us on there at least one of should be able to help. As for me, I've only done the clomid.


heather3233 - October 23

JenG and Shawna1,
Thank you so much for your replys. I almost cried when I found them there. I feel so alone sometimes and scared, it is nice to find someone that is going through the same type of things. I am taking the Prometrium for 12 days, I am on day 7 now. Thanks for the info. I won't panic just yet that my AF hasn't arrived. And Shawna1 thanks for the invite, I will try to find it...


MollieJo - October 24

I have taken both prometrium and clomid. You should get AF one or two days after your last Prometrium pill.


heather3233 - October 24

Thanks for the info. My last pill of Prometrium is this Sat. so I hope I have a AF to report by Mon. Baby Dust to all...



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