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*~Jenna~* - April 7

Can anyone tell me if crying out of the blue is normal? I was sitting on the couch just watching tv, and thinking about if I was pregnant or if I were to get pregnant what I would do and all the sudden next thing I know I am crying......any solutions as to what this might be?


Tiffany - April 7

I too seem to cry at the drop of a hat. It seems some people get pregnant so easily and other people take months. I don't care what anyone says - getting pregnant is stressful!


Jenna - April 7

I agree with you Tiffany...Hey Tiff, where ya from?


Tiffany - April 7

I'm from New Hampshire


Cutie - April 8

Jenna, I am exactly the same. I cry with no reason. My husband and I are also trying to concieve, and he is being very supportive and understanding, however sometimes he doesnt know what to do and what to say because I just start crying from no where (pregnancy and baby thoughts) Baby dust your way, just remember it will happen in Gods timing, it can be very stressfull, but we need to get a little patient. *****BABY DUST ******
I am always here if you feel like you want to talk. I come here once/twice a day, and this site is very supportive. God bless


Jenna - April 8

Thanks a bunck email is [email protected] if you would like to talk to me also



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