Need some hlp grandpa viv and others!!
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Gracie - December 20

Maybe some of you guys can help me with some advice. I have been ttc for 2yrs and this was the 1st time I tried charting my temps. I saw a drop in temp so we bd day b4,day of and day after. but i heard if your temps stay up for 18 days it is poss. preg. My temps are still all over the place i thought i was due for af on dec 11th I tested on 10th bfn. Waited til 16th still bfn. I am now of cd 37 and am confused. I feel like i have some symptoms: breast sore for 8 dayas and going strong also lower back pain and smells are really bothering me, some nausea come and go and I get flushed in the face real easy but not sure if that is a sign. I guess I should try to hold out again another week for another test. does anybody have any input. Thanks for listening!!


me - December 20

In my opinion, if you temps are all over the place you may be having an anovulatory cycle. Have you had normal periods since the beginning? Have you had any testing done to make sure you are both in good working order? Do you get cysts? Anything is possible, so test if you are concerned and the symptoms are abnormal for you, but I don't think it sounds like pregnancy only because you do not have the sustained rise in temps. Are the temps consistently over the coverline? Sorry I am not much help right now, but there is so much to ask you first before I can give you an educated answer.


dea - December 20

Hi GRACIE: ME has very good points. Another thing to consider- you MUST take temp before doing anything (even getting out of bed) and do it at the same time EVERY day for the charting to be consistant. I didn't realize that at first so my temps were a bit hay-wire. Good luck!


Gracie - December 20

Thanks me and dea for your responses. My periods haven't been normal from the beginning. dh was checked and is ok and i had a hsg and clear tubes. I set my alarm to test at the same time everyday and just have to roll over to retrieve the thermomitor. I didn't think it was this cycle since the temps were crazy but i am new at it. What would the tempature do if it was right when you were to start af? since i am irregular i might know what to look for if it comes around the corner. thanks for your input.


to gracie - December 21

before af your temps will drop (plummet). You sound like your having an anovulatory cycle or you are possibly going to ovulate later than you thought. My cycle was like that this month for the first time ever and I thought it was going to be anovulatory and then lo and behold 2 weeks later I ovulated. I had the ewcm most of the cycle as well as charting the temps (mountain like) and checking cp which was up and down the whole time too. Keep up with the temps and if you still havent got an ovulation indication go speak with your doctor as they can give you meds to bring it on.good luck



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