need some help!!1 Please
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gigi23 - September 13

i just got my period on sept 4th tool the OPK and looks like i'm Ovoluating already.. do you think that is possible!


me - September 13

yes. I don't have much info about your cycles or periods, but in general you can ovulate early if you have shorter cycles. you would technically be on day 9. it is definitely possible to be ovulating this soon. Get bding! Good luck.


Anna - September 13

The control line should be darker. There is always going to be two line cause u always have LH. You could very possibly o early depending on your cycle. How many days is your cycle.


gigi - September 13

well each month has been so different for me.. I jsut got an HSG done on Fridya, so i'm hoping this will work for me!!! Last month i was 30 days the the months beofre i was 33 and beofre i was alwasy 29!!!



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