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SOPHIE - September 29

Hi all! just want to share with you my TTC journey and maybe you could give me some advise. I'm 27 years old TTC baby #1 for one year now...DH had a 13 year old son from a previous relationship so i assume there is nothing wrong with him. I have a regular 27-29 cycle....i've tried BBT, using OPK and taking some herbs...I'm O'ing every 15-17 CD...tried BD'ing everyday and every other day but nothing works. What do ya think is wrong with me? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


hi - September 29

i can't say for sure there is nothing wrong with either of you.i'm not a doctor but i do alot of reasearch and have learned some things.fertility status can change anytime.yes your husband has a child,but that was 13years takes men 90 to produce fresh sperm,with that said anything could disrupt his sperm ,count,motility.etc. so don't automatically assume that it is you.your cycle looks great and you know you are ovulating.that's great news.i know a year seems like forever but in reality it can take quite some time to conceive for a healthy suggestion i have is to take multi vitamins ,both of you.and start him on 1000mg of vitamin c a will help detoxify his body and raises sperm count and helps motility(helps them swim).and last but not least ,this is the hard part.please try to relax.i know it is hard,but stressing over it only makes it worse.take your vitamins and give them some time to kick in.he will need about 3months of vitamin c to see full results.because of how long it takes to make sperm and get them ready to go.but even after one week studies have shown improvement in sperm.hope this helps some.god bless



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