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carlon23 - January 4

Okay.. i have been TTC for about 13 months now.. had my first round of clomid on 3-7 and had IUI on day 12.. got AF today day 33 so a little off on things.. Where do i go from here.... I jsut ordered my new prescription for clomid, and i'm going to do IUI again, is there a way that i can see if my dr can monitor me as to when i do ovulate?


Ann - January 4

Hi carlon23. Yes, the dr can set you up with vaginal ultrasounds. They usually start doing them around cd9 and do them each day after until you ovulate. The u/s tech measures your follicles until they get big enough. Most drs also give you a hcg shot to trigger ovulation around the time of your iui (some drs do the hcg before iui and others after). Then, the dr usually does another u/s after to see if you ovulated (the follicles start shrinking after ovulation). Hope this helps!


me - January 4

Actually, your dr should be monitoring you when you are on clomid anyway. If he is not, then he should be. How else will he know if you are responding to the meds correctly? Or how to time the IUI properly? Maybe your follicles need to grow a few more days before the IUI or they aren't growing at all with the meds. Just letting you know that whenever anyone is put on a fertility med, they should be carefully monitored becuase god forbid you get hyperstimulated and have huge cysts. That is not good for the ovary. Ask your dr to monitor you. Hope this helps! Good luck!



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