need some advice please
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sandra - September 21

need some advice folks. I was on birth control for years. Came off it in May, took a period in June and have not had one since. All hpt are negative. Desperate for another baby. Been using opk but not ovulating either. Have read that you can be pregnant and test negative hpt. Obviously that would stop me ovulating. Because my period is so irregular I have no idea of when my most fertile time should be so I have been using the opk every day but nothing. Would welcome advice on this ladies! Thanks


Toni - September 21

Were you irregular before you went on the pill? If so, you may not be ovulating. You should see your dr. about clomid or something. The opk's can get $$$. If the hpt is still saying neg. then most likely you are not preg. There have been some people posting on here that have said they did not get a pos for many weeks. But you would think you would have some obvious other symptom by now. Especially if you have already had a kid before. Good luck!



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