Need some advice...thanks!
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Meighen N. - April 1

Good Morning, still pretty new to this forum...but am absolutely addicted to reading all of the info.

Here's my question: I have TTC for 7 mths now, I am pretty regular with my cycles 28, 29 days. The last two months have been a bit wierd. I am a few days late then I start for only 1 day- very light and then stop for 1-2 days and then start for your regular period.

This month I was due on march 28...nothing..then march 30 I started by only very light. I put a tampon in and not really enough to even say I am on my period. And now nothing... for the last 2 days nothing..just a slight pinkish.

What does this mean? Has this happend to anyone? Should I go and get a pregnancy test..or just wait it out?


SashaP - April 1

I would go buy a test.


Meighen N. - April 1

thanks Sasha... has this every happend to you?


Meighen N. - April 1

Would this be implantation bleeding?


Marie D - April 1

Go get that test already!! I love hearing about these bfp's!!! Have you any symptoms?


Meighen N. - April 1

No symptoms- and this has happend before... just don't want to get my hopes up ...again:( and it turn our negative.


isa - April 2

Megighen it happened to me last month. I had a chemical pregancy. I had pink on cd 28, nothing on cd29, pink on cd 30 then my regular af started 2 days later. I was on progesterone still on cd28 and cd 29 so I should not have been bleeding at all- I was hoping it was implantation bleeding but it wasnt.. Found out about the chem preg from blood test and stopped progesteron supps on cd 30 after my morning suppository and stopping them would allow af to come (2 days later). It may be the same for you but you wouldnt know unless you did a beta bloodtest. They are very common and most peopel dont know they have it because unless being monitored since it happens so early in the pregnancy and you are usually only late by a day or 2 for you af. I hope for you case it is an implantation bleed.


Meighen - April 2

so I finally took a test - . I had a small amount of blood this morning when I wiped...but nothing on my pad. This is suppose to be my 4th day of my period... not normal at all. I just thought of something... I have been taking the pre-natal vitamins for the last 4 weeks... could that have something to do with it? I am really scared all I keep reading about it tubal or chem pregnancy....



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