need help with charting CM...please!
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Livvy - November 20

I have always had very regular cycles 25-28 days. This is the second month that DH & i have been ttc & the first month that I have been charting. I am now on CD11 & am noticing no CM??! I know that not eveyone ovulates during the middle of their cycle, but shouldn't I have some sort of CM? (AF ended on CD6) Anyone who has any idea, please help! Thanks so much


livvy - November 20

anyone? i know it's very early to start stressing...& dh keeps telling me that as well, but I'm a bit concerned. Has anyone experienced conditions such as these? do i just need to be patient?


KAY - November 20

Livvy, I am not an expert, but it seems like something that is pretty normal. There are days in your cycle when your cm is less than others. As far as ovulating in the middle, it depends on you and your cycle. Most woman have a luteal phase of 14 days. You count back from your expected last day of cycle, and can "try" to predict when you will ovulate. Some women have shorter luteal phases, as little as 7 days. Since this is our first month charting, you want to just try to keep patient, and then over the next couple of months, look for your cycle pstterns, and you should be on your way to getting a BFP! God Bless and lots of Baby Dust!!


livvy - November 20

Thank you kay! I'm trying to stay patient. I know it's very early, but I just have a hard time being patient! Baby dust to you too!!



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